GamerGeekFeed : Top 5 Services Heading To PlayStation 3

GamerGeekFeed Writes : With Sony announcing many new services for their PlayStation 3 console it’s hard to keep up with the many announcements so to jog your memory we’re created a list of what services have been confirmed for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console with their release dates.

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raWfodog2911d ago

I just play my games on my PS3. I guess its nice for those who use it for these things.

zootang2911d ago

Free extras are always a bonus.

PopEmUp2911d ago

is that including tax?

Simco8762911d ago

Whats free about these features again? It looks like all pay subscription services... did I miss something?

zootang2911d ago

On the list, iTV Player is free. Other free features include BBC iplayer, Vidzone, web browser and more.

raWfodog2911d ago

For those who 'disagreed' with my comment, are you saying I DON'T just play games on my PS3 or it's NOT nice to have this stuff for people who use them? :) Just looking for clarification...

trainsinrdr2911d ago

sigh* just more bullshit updates nobody wants can they just listen to the fans for once and do stuff like remove copy protection from games and ban gamesharing so that everyone gets 1 system activation and maybe remove the YLOD from future consoles even tho thats probably 25% of your overall profits but its unfare to us

Theodore872911d ago

After reading you comment I was about to say "Are your mother and father siblings?" Then I realized that people like you don't have many friends. I pitied that and decided to let it slide.

Cenobia2911d ago

What? Why would they remove copy protection? Are you talking about something specific or are you looking to play pirated games? Maybe I just don't understand what you're getting at.

And who the hell requested to remove game sharing?

Those sound like two incredibly opposing actions.

And then you comment on YLOD like it happens to a ton of people, when that is just not true. I am having a lot of trouble dissecting your mess of a comment...

GodsHand2911d ago

I am pretty sure he means the copy protection on some of the game saves.

Cenobia2911d ago

Ah, I see.

I still don't want that removed as it protects the trophy system and I'm a trophy whore.

Godmars2902911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

The annoying thing about all those services, besides being paid, is that they're either EU or unannounced for specific regions.

I think "I Am My Own Grandpa" is talking about sharing one account on multiple PS3. Like a house with two consoles not being able to share one Netfilx account at the same time.

mushroomwig2911d ago

Wow, the PlayStation 3 really is turning into the only media device people need.

fight4love2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

all it needs now is goddamn video playlist feature. that still annoys me. my original modded xbox could do that.

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The story is too old to be commented.