GC 2007: Überkings presents überchaos

The official kickoff of one major event and one new XBOX 360 website. To celebrate it all, Xboxkings give their own view on the GC and will make a round up with the greatest footage and pictures, not only made by Xboxkings, but from all the media around the world.

Xboxkings was all over GC, played a lot of games, made a lot of video's and many pictures. It didn't bother them at all that about every time they needed to make a shot of something that had to do with games, babes were all over their pictures and video's!

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ShiftyLookingCow4069d ago

warning it contains a load of bs on PS3, I thought it was another babe feature, damn I am shallow

TheMART4069d ago

Besides the babes, the stuff about PS3 is pretty much right on

heroman7114069d ago

@ the mart
umm mart i know ur a fanboy an u probly know it to but just to make sure im gonna ask u a question. do u even have a 360 ? i mean ive seen u around here always making fun of ps3 and i havent seen u in like halo 3 articles and all the other 360 article comments. seems like u only stay here. were u like sent from the fanboys or something

gta_cb4069d ago

TheMART does have an Xbox 360

techie4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

He has a PS3 as well which he uses to fry sausages.

ps. nice website you've got there TheMart with KL PeeJee. Is this your debut? Good luck with it all, hope you make yourself some money.

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Pete_Approved4069d ago

Yah some parts are about PS3, for example haze, this game didn`t do much for me when i played it. It`s a shame... On the other hand, Bioshock looks awesome and plays even better! Same as Naruto: Rise of the ninja (some bugs though :P)

heroman7114069d ago

clearly xbox fanboys. i think microsoft and sony both have a good lineup

Pete_Approved4069d ago

I agree, this year is for Microsoft no doubt, but next year it could be a PS3 year! And the WII? mmm.. i don`t know, i saw the stands on the Games Convention. There where all the same, just like the years before. Such a shame Nintendo!

TheMART4069d ago

Watch those Wii babes

New Wii sports game: Wii Upskirt :P

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