Killzone 3 Beta - Day 2 - Jetpacks

Day 2 brings another video feature, this time revolving around Jetpacks.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2916d ago

KZ3 + Jetpacks = soiled underwear.

jjacinto232916d ago

i'm using infiltration love it not knowing who you are is cool

Rob9462916d ago

i got to play the game at a friends house yesterday and was amazed at how good it was.Just hoping now il get a beta code i downloaded straight away but im still waiting

TroyAndAbed2916d ago

I'm hearing the controls have a much shorter delay. Is that true?

8-bit2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I am sick of hearing this question.. The controls have been "fixed" to suit the COD crowd. They are more responsive and sort of a cross between Killzone 2 and COD, kind of similar to BFBC2. From just watching the videos online you can see that the game play is faster paced.

PS3_lifer2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I'm amazed how great this fucking game looks. Looks/feels like I'm playing SP but it's MP. Amazing job GG. I have yet so see a MP look this damn good!

Relax 8-bit he's just asking a question and you're going to continue to hear about it until the game is finally released.

The controls feel more responsive than BFBC2 in my opinion. They have it right where it should be and it's not an issue at all. It doesn't take away from gameplay in the slightest.

Although when you first loaded it up and try it out it'll feel totally alien to you but you adapt to it after a couple of days. I'm averaging about 1:1 K/D not great but not fucking terrible either. There's so much you have to learn: maps, weapons, jetpacks/Mechs :D! but all extremely fun.

Forget about what you hear from KZ2 graybeards they're stuck in their ways and their minds can't be change so fuck'em.

cyberwaffles2916d ago

"Forget about what you hear from KZ2 graybeards they're stuck in their ways and their minds can't be change so fuck'em."

lol i love that attitude. i loved KZ2 to death but i don't mind the changes that GG have to the control scheme. hell, it improves the gameplay insurmountably. i don't see how people can stay loyal to KZ2's controls. they certainly were functional, but they definitely needed improvement. KZ3 has addressed that issue.

GamerSciz2916d ago

Jetpacks add a whole new level of gameplay with air combat plus having Mechs in MP. Killzone 2 MP is great and KZ3 looks to be upping it not just one but a couple of notches. Wish I was in the beta.

TroyAndAbed2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Go ahead. Disagree with this comment...

Edit: How dare you?

PS3_lifer2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Should have been more "How dare you!"



Take seconds to find a game. Check your router and make sure you've forwerded the correct ports. Do a google search PS3 forward ports. Do that will all your firewalls that are in-between your PS3 and the Linksys Router/DSL/Cable box.

Rob9462916d ago

when i played it yesterday the controls seemed much better then killzone 2 all i had to do was change the controls and u could change them to call of duty controls and they were really good felt great and felt much faster then killzone 2

Jake3602916d ago

How long did it take to find a game? I've been waiting about 10 minutes. :s

AssassinHD2916d ago

When I was playing yesterday I didn't have to wait at all.

Jake3602916d ago

It was the gametype. Changed it and joined a game nearly instantly. Thanks anyway! :D

despair2916d ago

I had no wait for a game, of course 1 game was me vs 5 people in a DM, it was kinda funny when I actually beat them lol.

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