Fallout - New Vegas: Animated Prostitution unlocked

Prostitution has been a part of the Fallout Universe since the first title launched in 1997. Now, the recently released Mod "Animated Prostitution" for Fallout: New Vegas takes the next step.

Note: Included pics are NSFW.

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Schobeleth2918d ago

I'd love to see this in action but the sad part is we'll probably see some idiotic right wing bureaucrats using it as a scapegoat against the industry, just like the hot coffee thing even though that wasn't in the main game -_- Although, can anybody confirm if it actually has simulated sex? Even if it does, it'll probably be hilariously bad

Digitaldude2918d ago

Checked screenies, some dudes getting a bj it seems.

Schobeleth2918d ago

But my main question is, are these actual in game um.. assets, or is it just a girl making the motion of oral sex? If they went all out and actually have the parts and everything I'll be impressed at the very least.

Constantime2918d ago

Don't get too excited now..

OneSneakyMofo2918d ago

Too late. Pass the tissue.

Sheddi2917d ago

This is what I have got to say about those damn bureaucrats!

TheGameFoxJTV2917d ago

This is a PC mod. It isn't original code. It's custom made by some modder. And yes, it's full nudity, and they actually do the nasty. It was also a mod for FO3, it's being recreated for NV.

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