New Dynasty Warriors 7 Characters Revealed

Following this morning’s press conference from Koei Tecmo Games in Japan, new artwork has been issued revealing a number of characters set to be included in the forthcoming Dynasty Warriors 7. While all of these characters featured in the press conference at some point, the language barrier meant that not all could be confirmed at that time. However, thanks to Temco Koei Europe, Electronic Theatre can now bring you the details on the line-up revealed thus far.

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Misterhbk2912d ago

There are 6 different Halo Games
There are God knows how many Call of Duty Games
there are more than 14 different Final Fantasy Games
There are more than 4 Grand Theft Autos.

I think you get where I'm going with this. Whats so bad about them making so many Dynasty games?

PidgeottosCrew2911d ago

Other franchises have notable differences between their games.

rockleex2910d ago

COD's been the same since 4
Madden's been the same for ages

NYC_Gamer2912d ago

this crappy franchise is still alive

tacosRcool2912d ago

Hopefully they'll make this one not so repetitive

scar202912d ago

I'll take this over cod any day.

rockleex2910d ago

One that requires skills, tactics, strategy, etc.

-Gespenst-2912d ago

I really have a soft spot for this franchise despite the fact that it's globally considered mediocre. This, The Samurai Warriors franchise and The Orochi franchise; I love em' all. Something about them just appeals to me so much. I'd rather not think about it too much though. I just want to bask in the magic of these games.

TheoreticalParticle2912d ago

The majority of those characters are ALWAYS in the DW games. (well, at least every one since DW4.) I think they need to do something like Orochi, but with all of the great Chinese heroes from the "swords and sorcery" era.

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