1st and TEN with Fable 3

Not sure about picking up Fable 3? Well, Skeletor over at has taken the time to give you a glimpse at the beginning of the game. Today we bring you the first ten minutes of Fable 3.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2918d ago

played it till 4am, and it felt like 2 hours at most.

i really got into it, the combat is so smooth, ahhhh, i love it!

9/10 from me.

Perjoss2918d ago ShowReplies(2)
HeavenlySnipes2918d ago

The game still doesn't have that epic adventure feeling. It still has the kiddy lighthearted atmosphere with it that turns me off. I'm not saing the game should be dark or anything but cut back on the shitty humor for once and give us an insightful story for once. I've also seen (may not be true) that they have focused more on the RP (Role Playing) part of this of this game (adding more customizablity in your house, you don't have menus for clothing and weapons, you can adopt, you can marry online players etc..) rather than the game part. Did the add much more magic than the previous Fables? Is the size of the land much larger and more varied than the previous installments? Can you CREATE YOUR OWN PROTAGONIST? NO!!! Bt you can now change tthe colour of your bedroom drapes and tuck your children in.

I would give this a 8.0 because it at least looks better than 2.

Active Reload2918d ago

Its rather retarded for people to give a game a score when they haven't even played it. Get real...

HeavenlySnipes2918d ago

I should buy the game be disappointed, THEN give the game a review. I use points from other review sites to build my opinion so its not all coming out of my ass. The gae still has that kiddy approach that doesn't appeal to me. The first Fable (the lost chapters) did not completely go all casual on me and focused more on combat and magic etc.. and had marraige and interacting with NPC's as a small addition. Whereas this Fable and 2 focuses more on the ineraction and bad fart jokes. They talk extensively about improving the menu system and being able to adopt etc..

See the difference? all the side stuff like marriage used to be a small addon but now its a main featur of the game. Due to this they have to kiddy down the game so it doesn't become a mature game. Whatever if this is the direction the Fable franchise is going I will not follow. Have fun with the game mate.

darx2918d ago

But you love Ratchet and Clank.