Dead Rising Review

Yet another reason to avoid the malls. Club Skill reviews Dead Rising on the Xbox 360.

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ACE5385d ago

it is an amazing game , i have playd it solid for like 3days and still want to play it ,,, you sony droids dont now what ur missing the 360 is an amazing machine...

sony droids you can attack it if you want lol its just funny, to see u fuks getting all upset over this game lol lol lol lol..

oh and theres alot more to come :)

super bill5385d ago

i played this game on my 360,which im part exchanging for a ps3.this game is a load of crap same as all 360 games.roll on november for the ps3,and better games.

ACE5385d ago

u r funny lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

as for ur fan boys , i find it funny how haha and kingboy who hate hate hate the 360 lol have hit lame lol you gays r funny keep us laughing lol loll lol lol

2tired2day2hate5385d ago

besides the small text and time restraints, i love this game. could you imagine if there was a online multiplayer where you are either in a group, or are individuals with maybe 16 players in the mall and you have to survive for a day while tryin to kill other players and zombies? thatd be nice