Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2 Review (GameStooge)

GameStooge reviews the pro basketball sim, Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2, as the NBA season opens.

Excerpt: "The game allows you to be a GM or a GM/coach, with options to allow the CPU to take over certain aspects of the job, such as depth charts. As a GM, you have to please your owner or potentially get fired for a lackluster job, though you can turn that option off if you want to have room for failure. The game is more RPG than other management sims in which you are given GM skill stats and can assign your own values; a difficulty meter can allow you to have more or less numbers to award yourself. This review will focus on managing an American pro basketball team – you can also manage one of the 72 European teams as well. The game also features expansion as well; should the league expand, you deal with the issues that come with it, including an expansion draft, in which the owners must decide who to protect on their rosters."

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