PS3 games list & SPE usages

NeoGaf member MikeB compiled a list of PS3 games that utilized the Cell Broadband Engine SPUs in games.

According to IBM the bulk of the PS3's processing power is located in Cell's SPEs. Without using them games development is very similar to developing a game on a decent specced single processor PC or Mac (so not really difficult at all like some developers claim, funnily those who do not even use the SPEs the porting process, it should then actually be pretty straight foward (with of course the advantage of being able to optimize for a single uniform configuration). PS3 exclusive devs who are using the SPEs claim it's not more difficult to develop for and that it's much easier to develop for than for the PS2. Considering more and more games start to utilize these SPEs MikeB thought it would be interesting to list those games and possibly deduct those which don't.

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Fisher3394069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Most of the games that are using SPE's are atleast decent if not great..

I guess when you use all components of the cell, the outcome can be good.

Sucks EA doesnt bother learning these things.

marinelife94069d ago

I didn't realize so many games weren't using the SPE's at all!
Rainbow Six
Fight Night 3
Madden 08
Splinter Cell
Half Life Orange

They made all those games with just the PPU and RSX.

marinelife94069d ago

Wait a minute. This guy doesn't know for sure he's just speculating.

pilotpistolpete4069d ago

those are all ports, or multiplat, so it's likely that they used standard methods and just transcoded them. The ones using spe are exclusive to ps3 since it's their starting point. No surprise there.

BenzMoney4069d ago

Yet another junk forum post being submitted as "newsworthy" when clearly it is not; another blatant breaking of N4G posting guidelines which clearly state that an average joe posting his opinion on a forum is not news that is going to pass approval because mindless fanboys would rather post drivel that makes their system of choice look good despite the fact that the information contained in the 'story' is baseless.

There is no confirmation of any sort that the games this person lists as not using the SPE's are not, in fact, using them. He has no proof. It's wild speculation. He even admits that. Because the developers haven't come out and praised the cell as being the second coming of Christ, he assumes - without any backing of any sort - that they're not using the SPE's.

Blatant misinformation.

Lord Anubis4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


It must be conspiracy!


@ below.

Lies! its a conspiracy to miss inform the people. How dare you!

ShiftyLookingCow4069d ago

I approved it as he had quotes from various sources that I can mostly remember reading before

Skynetone4069d ago

that was a great read, im glad somebodys keeping track of what devolpers are saying about the ps3

it will be a couple of years before we see the ps3 shine

Why_So_Serious4069d ago

apart from UT3 only first party developers bother to learn the hardware, guess that's why third party support for the ps3 sucks balls

Ri0tSquad4069d ago

Atleast Epic makes AAA games.

Chriswsm4069d ago

So its not that hard to publish games for the PS3 compared to other platforms (well I cant do it. This means that quite a few publishers are whining bar stuards that use this as an excuse for delays and mistakes which are most likely down to human error.

Cmon you lot, pull yer socks up...

Bazookajoe_834069d ago

It was an intresting summery, cool to see wich games that uses the cell. But i guess that Sony will have to send their "swat" team alot to get third parties to start using it to. It will be realy exciting to see the games that will come in a year or two.

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The story is too old to be commented.