5 Video Game Mashups That Would Blow Our Minds

In order to advance the “video games as art” movement, Game Rant has put together a list of the top five video game mashups that would blow our minds. Each of these takes two games and uses elements from each, whether it is gameplay mechanics or graphical style, to create an original experience.

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Edward-Kraken2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

I dont agree with Mega Chief. I'd rather have Metroid Man or Mega Prime (Samus & MM).

Plus, SF vs DOA Beach Volleyball, female cast only of course.

VINNIEPAZ2912d ago

I would love to see a Bayonetta and Dante (DMC) team up. That would be sick.

ExplosionSauce2912d ago

I'd have to agree with you on that. MegaMan and Metroid are a much more suitable match.

TroyAndAbed2912d ago

I agree...but only because I'm in love with you.

theEx1Le2912d ago

You need help bro....

OT: lol at plantcraft

ExplosionSauce2912d ago

Haha I remember that.
It would have been so much better now though because back then those were GT4 car models in HD.

Bass_fisherman2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Duke Nukem and Doom Marine meet Master Chief and Gordon Freeman and start an apocaliptic war

this is really something to blow your head up xD

soundslike2912d ago

Grand Theft Skate. Run, Drive, Kill, Skate.

TroyAndAbed2912d ago

Haha. I'm glad they didn't take it seriously.

I want Bethesda to do a The Lord of the Rings game. PLEASE!!!

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