Top Five Games That Got Re-released When They Probably Shouldn't Have

Here are a couple of games that probably would have been better left in the nostalgic part of our brains

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tacosRcool2918d ago

There are some other games out there that shouldn't have been re-released...

Blaster_Master2918d ago

Im glad that publishers are starting not to listen to you noob gaming journalist. Im really glad I got to play Sonic Adventure in HD on my ps3.

darthv722918d ago

was the sonic was not "really" remade. Upping the res may be a form of HD but why they couldnt have redone it to properly reflect widescreen. Capcom remade MvC2 from the DC and not only upped the res but made it widescreen as well.

Earthworm game. I like the DSi version better.

TroyAndAbed2918d ago

Wait...why do they have Monkey Island 2 on there, but not Monkey Island?

Both remakes have been phenomenal!

TroyAndAbed2918d ago

Earthworm Jim HD is great too!

I'm blocking this site!

AllForOne1232918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I would have loved to see a sort of remake of the first Sonic games.That would be something definitely worth the remake, or even better, new levels and a story! The concept of the first Sonic games on the Sega Genesis was solid, just imagine all that revamped for the new systems, similar to what was done with what is being done with Donkey Kong on the Wii...that's something worth re-releasing over and over IMO, but oh well I guess, they did what they did I guess with Sonic, which wasn't bad, but they can still do more with it as I mentioned.