Infamous 2 and the Playstation Move.....Will it work?

Rumors have been rampant on Infamous 2 having Playstation Move capability. Nothing is set in stone, since Sony has not released any solid info on the topic, all we have to go off is Sucker Punch "mentioning" that Move capablity might be a good fit, and some questionable ads. We thought about how this might work. On one hand, it could be one of the best motion gaming experiences ever, on the other hand, it could be a tacked-on mess....We're hoping for the first option.

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kmr19772918d ago

Hell yeah!

Good points though, never thought about the camera being an issue.

sinncross2917d ago

I cant see it being an issue unless SuckerPunch have no idea how to code the data...

Christopher2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Personally, I think the controller will be best for games that rely on a lot of accurate navigation for platforming purposes. Remember, there's only 1 analog stick when using the wand, and relying on the wand to control camera angle takes a lot of getting used to for standard FPS, adding more complex moves on both the x and y axis would only make it harder.

Samus HD2916d ago

if they are a perfect Wii copy - maybe it could work

DaTruth2916d ago

I have the Move,but I can't see how this would work! The platforming and building climbing seems impossible.

But if they can figure out a way to make it good or even if they can't, more power to them! If I don't like it I can just play with a DS3!

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Troll_Police2918d ago

Why wouldn't it? Move has buttons.

Stealth20k2917d ago

but it also has motion control which is garbage

Parapraxis2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Desperation trolling from Stealth20k .

Go away Stealth20k .

Neckbear, I didn't see where he said "I don't like motion controllers"...actually, where did you see that?

Neckbear2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

So, saying "I don't like motion controllers" is considered trolling?

C'mon, fella. Opinions =/= Trolling.


Where he said they're "garbage". That's his personal opinion, and that's stating he does NOT like Motion Controllers.

plb2917d ago

Move is accurate so I wouldn't call it garbage

pixelsword2917d ago

Actually, neckbear, if he states something is garbage, then he's not giving his opinion, he is attempting to state a fact; if he says "I think" or "to me" something is garbage, then that's giving an opinion.

karl2916d ago

i think it will bring some issues .. it still needs another analog stick...

the move replace one of the analogs but there is a limit on how much u can move your arm left and right u know...

there is the other one but if u use that for rotation aswell then u are left without a way to go sideways...

although i do trust that if suckerpunch did put move into infamous2 they already have found a solution for most problems


Next Generation of Motion tech.

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Neckbear2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

But I still see it being somewhat awkward- compared to the superior standard controller, at least.

Eh, I think it'll depend on if you like the Move or not. Thank god they give you an option to choose whatever you want instead of saying "dis 4 moev aloen lol".

I personally will play it on a DualShock 3. I just see it being better on it- and I don't even have a Move to begin with, so yeah.

Then again, I don't know. Move for a game like inFamous...I don't see it working. I really DON'T see it working.

Parapraxis2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I like the option, especially when considering I beat the first Infamous 3 times and platinumed it. A run through with Move would be cool.

I don't understand why people are against it. It's not going to be a freaking "move-only" game.

8-bit2917d ago

Resident Evil 5 is a third person shooter and I personally think it is more fun with the move controller compared to a DS3. That's my opinion.

3nd3rth32916d ago

Infamous is not really a TPS though. RE5 plays more like a tank. Chris can't jump, can't shoot while moving, can't do this, can't do that... etc... anyway, infamous is more dynamic. It's a lot less shooting and more "can i make the hover to that ledge? how long can i string riding this power line? stupid secret is on a ledge i can barely stand on one foot, gotta be perfect!" Anyway, you can't go into it thinking it's a tps and trying to apply similar controls. RE5 is very basic in comparison to infamous' movements.

King-Leonidas2916d ago

i would love to schockwave dudes by waving Move

Genecalypse2917d ago

Infamous was basically a third person shooter of sorts, I could see it working well

Taggart4512917d ago

I don't want inFamous to have Move support. Sure I love the Move and other things it's based around, but I do NOT want to see it implemented in this game.

plb2917d ago

Why? It's not like you can't use DS3 if you prefer

offdawall2917d ago

Idk but seriously the value for getting move keeps going up more Heroes exclusive ..and maby INfamous 2 is insane ... Developers seem to be dying to impliment move in their games ... That should tell u something

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