Are You Ready For Kinect?

SG - The latest model Xbox, the S model — they won’t say what the S stands for so we like to go with Scrotum, on account of the fact it looks like Darth Vader’s Scrotum — is apparently ready for Kinect but is the general public? It seems there are lot of questions about Kinect floating around.

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-Mezzo-2915d ago

I'm not sure yet, at one moment i'm 100% sure i'll get it & on the other i'm not so sure. I guess i'll just wait and see how it is received. by gamers & press.

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Valay2915d ago

Like I said yesterday, I'm definitely not getting it on day 1.

jaredhart2915d ago

Nope, need more covincing.

SpaceSquirrel2915d ago

I think $150 is out of my price range.

PaPa-Slam2915d ago

Even if i can afford it i will not get this.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2914d ago

not really my type of gaming.but if it's for you i say go for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.