9.0 Lego Universe Review "So is Lego Universe a true MMO? To some extent yes, but I think it would be much more accurate to call it the world's first truly enjoyable Massively Multiplayer Online Platformer. There are RPG elements here to be sure, as much as there is a racing game, a pet collection game, a house building game, and even achievements (as most games these days have). Net Devil succeeds fantastically in building a Lego game that actually feels like a digital format of what a block-based adventure should feel like. Anyone who enjoys platforming may want to give Lego Universe a shot, and certainly if that same person enjoys Lego they'll not find themselves disappointed."

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Sanrin3011d ago

Amazing game, I can only hope it has some good content plans in the future.

ShawnCollier3011d ago

Sounds like it'll be "blocks" of fun. ;)