First episode of Back to the Future: The Game free

If American songwriter Huey Lewis said, “Don’t need money, don’t need fame. Don’t need no credit card to buy this game,” he’d be right because Telltale Games is giving you the chance to receive the first episode of Back to the Future: The Game free – the first of five episodes.

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GodsHand2967d ago

That's the power of love.

Bass_fisherman2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

The best comment ive seen today.

MisterNiwa2966d ago

It's hip to be square.. ?

mindedone2966d ago

Na, it's hip to be polygonal

AndrewE2966d ago

just saw back to the future in theaters last night. excellent stuff holds up.

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Xander7562966d ago

This is pretty cool. I signed up and checked out and everything. When does the game come out and become available for download? Is the "serial number" the code we'll eventually use?

KillerPwned2966d ago

Yeah i been wondering about this i got the email with the code and such but i am guessing we will get a email when its out. Kinda confused by the hole process i wish they gave us instructions on what to expect and do later.

ct032966d ago

Wait, this won't be on Steam? I'll pass it up then, free or not.

Rampaged Death2966d ago

Just got mine. Can't wait to play it.

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