Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review (RunDLC)

In most cases, downloadable content fails to dramatically change a game or stand on its own. Undead Nightmare, however, is the exception to the rule. This feature packed update for Red Dead Redemption transforms Rockstar’s critically acclaimed effort into a wonderfully different experience, particularly with the single player campaign, which features a new and thrilling story complimented by a plethora of exciting missions and cut scenes. Not only is it a must play, but also a shining example of how DLC should be done. The fact that it’s $9.99 sweetens the deal.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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zeeshan8102918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I agree this DLC deserves a perfect score.
New story/multiplayer/weapons/ Animals / = NEW GAME for $10 :P

Buff10442918d ago

Definitely feature packed...wonderful from start to's like a new game.

Stuart57562918d ago

This is what DLC should be about, not one new multiplayer map and a few outfits or 'golden gun', a full new brilliantly original game.

clank5432918d ago

DLC should still be about the little cosmetic things too because those can be fun also. But if they aren't anything substantial then they should be free or under a dollar. Especially if they're just different costumes or stuff like that.

soundslike2918d ago

and you know valve would have charged 60 bucks for this on a new disc

raWfodog2918d ago

I wish more developers would support their games this way.

Thank God Activision wasn't the publisher.

Ghost_Sparta2918d ago

Yes you're right! This remeber me Burnout Paradise and the tons of expansions they released!

steve082918d ago

Sounds good to me. May have to download this one. I still need to platinum RDR anyway

DanSolo2918d ago

From the sounds of things, it is what DLC should be!

I will definately be picking it up and generally I don't bother with DLC.

tatotiburon2918d ago

i'm getting the ultimate collection, all the dlc including the new one for 1600mp