Microsoft: "Previous games won't be patched to support Kinect"

Microsoft Game Studios corporate VP Phil Spencer has revealed that the firm isn't planning to patch any previous games to be used with Kinect.

Spencer wants to create new experiences, and won't be following in the footsteps of PlayStation Move.

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Zir02917d ago

This should bring a lot of new exclusive IP's to the 360 and MS won't even need to pay 3rd party devs for them.

sikbeta2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

How big is the current line-up of games for kinect?

Kev... you are the man...Bwahahahaha....

Bereaver2917d ago

Well, have we all forgotten that the processor was dropped from Kinect? That means that not only would the controls have to be patched but everything performance wise would have to be redone too. Now, that is the true reason that they won't do it.

NoLongerHere2917d ago

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commodore642917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

a n4g user impersonating an actor impersonating a Sony marketeer?
absolute genius!

What's next?
an actor impersonating a n4g user impersonating an actor impersonating a Sony marketeer?
Oh the wit! Where will it end?

nix2917d ago

at least he is funny, 64... n iif he makes you butthurt, i support him even more.

Pennywise2917d ago

Commodore - You ask when the wit will end.

When I see your posts - I ask: When will the wit begin.

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green2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I would like to see Mass Effect 3 as a controller + Kinect Hybrid. Control the game normally with the pad but use your biotic powers with hand gestures. I think that would be cool and if there was a patch for ME2, i sure will play it a 3rd time.

Apart from that, i agree with leaving the old games as they are and investing in new IP's. Will be interesting to see how Steel Batallion, Codenamed D and the other more serious Kinect games announced will turn out.

Nicaragua2917d ago

Yeah, letting go of your pad mid-firefight to wiggle your hand around sounds like a great tactical interface.

green2917d ago

So raising your right hand while your left hand is holding the pad to simulate commander sherpard doing a shockwave is difficult? So trusting your hand forward to do the throw while the other holds the control pad is difficult?

There i say it, the method of a hybrid (controller +kinect) will IMO improve Mass Effects gameplay because pausing the game by pressing the right bumper to activate a move that is not mapped to one of the buttons reduces the flow of the battles in the game.

Nitrowolf22917d ago

This is old news, they already said that Kinect can't be patched into old games around E3

KillerPwned2917d ago

Kinda sucks their are a few games id like to see use kinect. But this will force developers to release new IP`s. So its got its pros and cons. Still waiting to see something blow me away tho. Till then lets see what you got kinect.

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The story is too old to be commented.