Will Blockbuster Change Its Mind On Blu-ray? - Rumor

One of the first things thought about when Paramount/Dreamworks made their shocking announcement of HD DVD exclusivity was the recent Blockbuster announcement that they were going to stock Blu-Ray only discs for rent in their stores other than the initial 250 or so that were carrying both.

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Ignorant Fanboy4071d ago

They stand to lose alot of money by stocking only BluRay.

Stocks will plummit.

Lord Anubis4071d ago

lol, I remember you. You were the one claiming that block buster chose blu-ray because of its space. When i told you it was because the consumer demanded it you pretty much called me crazy.

That one was a good one. I still get a chuckle out of it.

Any who,
Universal is a much much stronger player than Paramounts block buster wont be wounded by not carrying 4 HD-DVD movies from paramount on their store. Its even possible they could carry transformer on HD-DVD in their stores since it was a major hit.

I would like to hear how your respond. You amused me before and I'm looking fordward to being entertained. Don't disappoint me.

stonedog4071d ago

as I expect that the exclusivity deal was probably paid for by the Blu ray group and therefore BB benefited and did not loose.
As I understand it they would not have that much Blu ray product as the market remains very small as there has not been mass adoption. The whole point of the exclusive deal was to sttempt to convince the consumer that the that Blu-ray was the dominant format and have consumers jump onboard. The reality is that both formats are marginal and their market is the early adopters.

WilliamRLBaker4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

and anubis he was right, you mean people went into block buster and demanded they not carry hd dvd? lol thats funny.

Let alone you only say 4 titles yet what about all the other hd dvd titles Of which currently released are only slightly below released blu ray titles, The Block buster/sony deal happend a bit after the hd dvd, blu ray trial run, so why is it that all of a sudden they just decided to go blu ray only, cause they we're paid off, Just like in you cows minds microsoft paid off so much to be sales leader, paramount...ect sony has paid there way at block buster and target and we all know it.

Block buster as it is now is losing money from its stores, this is FACT with netflix to deal with and their own total access program instore rentals aren't nearly as big of a money maker for them any more, If they refuse to carry hd dvd they will lose money.

Specially once the super cheap hd dvd drives come out this xmas, and the 3-4 different multiformat players are released.

P.S: and space isn't a problem either, Most blockbusters I go to still have an area where 5 year old+ movies can be rented, they could easily ratchet back such an area to only 4-5 years and have room for hd dvd, cause trust me at my local 2 block busters blu ray has a inanely small area it takes up.

Lord Anubis4071d ago

Ignorat Fanboy, forget you. William will entertain me.

Ha, I wonder how you two thinkg I said the consumer demanded Blockbuster not to carry HD-DVD. I said the consumer demanded blu-ray.

Any who, your conspiracy amuses me. I'm sure Blockbuster shares must be through the roof, right william?

Blockbuster loosing money on magical demand for HD-DVD. All of the sudden people got interested in HD-DVD because paramount has gone exclusive and has yet to release their four titles?

Don't be silly, Blockbuster supports HD-DVD online and on a few selected stores where there is demand. They are just not supporting HD-DVD in stores where the consumer demand is higher for Blu-ray.

anywho, your theory amused me. I don't know how you do it but well done.

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Lord Anubis4071d ago

its only a handful of movies. spread across the year. They still carry HD-DVD online and in a few selected stores. Also, as far as I know they still carry DVDs it not like they are going to say:

"Oooh I'm sorry we don't carry HD-DVD and don't bother to take the DVD version."


Ignorant Fanboy4071d ago

and demanded they quit stocking HD-DVD.

Thats a pretty crazy comment.

Where is your link? If you read the articles you would see that it was for a real different reason. And they are starting to rethink those decisions.

Dont get so worked up over this, its only movies, most people here care more for games.

Lord Anubis4071d ago

No! No! No! you failed to mause me now try again!

Btw i never said people demanded not to carry HD-DVD they simply demamded more blu-ray titles. Its on the block buster press release. They are not carrying HD-DVD because there's little demand for the titles.

Site News - Blockbuster Press Release: Rent-tailer To Roll Blu-ray (not HD DVD) Out To All Stores

DALLAS, June 18, 2007 – In response to the growing demand for high-definition DVDs, Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE: BBI, BBI.B) today announced that it is rolling out an expanded Blu-ray disc inventory for rental to 1,700 corporate-owned BLOCKBUSTER® stores by mid-July. The Company will continue to offer both Blu-ray and HD DVD titles through its online rental service,, and will continue to offer both formats at its initial 250 stores that currently carry both high-definition formats.

"We intend to meet the demands of our customers and based on the trends we're seeing, we're expanding our Blu-ray inventory to ensure our stores reflect the right level of products," said Matthew Smith, SVP Merchandising for Blockbuster. "While it is still too early to say which high-definition format will become the industry standard, we will continue to closely monitor customer rental patterns both at our stores and online, so we can adjust our inventory mix accordingly and ensure that Blockbuster is offering customers the most convenient access to the movies they want, in the format they want."

When Blu-ray and HD DVD were introduced to the marketplace in 2006, Blockbuster began offering the high-definition formats on all titles in which it was available through The Company also introduced both formats on select titles in 250 stores in November of 2006. With Blu-ray rentals significantly outpacing HD DVD rentals at its BLOCKBUSTER stores, the Company made the decision to expand the number of stores offering the Blu-ray format.

With the expansion in July, the 1,700 stores will be carrying more than 170 titles in Blu-ray and will continue to add titles in the format as they are released from the studios.

"We are excited to be able to make more high-definition titles available to our customers in those stores where our research indicates there will be the most demand," said Smith. "Obviously, when customers are ready we can expand the Blu-ray offering into more stores and add HD DVD to more locations if that's what customers tell us they want. We'll continue to work with the movie studios to ensure we have the right assortment of products."

Blu-ray formatted titles are available from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment, FOX Home Entertainment, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video, and Paramount Home Entertainment and can be played on Blu-ray dedicated players, Sony PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) or a Blu-ray compatible computer drive.

About Blockbuster
Blockbuster Inc. is a leading global provider of in-home movie and game entertainment, with more than 8,000 stores throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Company may be accessed worldwide at

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I didn't wanted to show you what they said because you would have seen what I was telling you. There was more demand for blu-ray which the people wanted and that's why the went blu-ray over HD-DVD.Now that I've shown you this I demand that you amuse me!

Ignorant Fanboy4071d ago

Thanks for the link.

You should have my name.

sak5004071d ago

The money from Sony will keep them happy.

DJ4071d ago

So you're one of those Conspiracy Theorists! Blockbuster's poor HD-DVD sales during the 8-month trial period didn't really happen, right? =P

WilliamRLBaker4071d ago

and your the conspiracy....Microsoft paid of rob smith to give warhawk lair bad review/microsoft paid off paramoint/microsoft paid off people not to buy ps3...theorist.

*you've supported them all*

Anything but Cute4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

They will miss out on people renting HD versions of Blades of Glory, shrek 3, big deal. Everyone rents DVD still. It could be an issue but not the major disaster people are thinking.

If they start loosing money because HD is huge and other rental chains are making more money renting out Paramount & Dreamworks HD DVD's. Then I think they will change.

I wouldn't be surprised if blockbuster gets more rentals from HD customers because they have a definative choice for customers.

heroman7114071d ago

dude blades of glory was pretty funny but shrek 3 SUCKED. it was like a sitcom episode but so much longer and boring. the ending was predictable and it was just crap

Lord Anubis4071d ago

Mercenary is not even a Rumour is just an opinion. That's why I asked you to add opinion to the title.

Opinion: Will Blockbuster Change Its Mind On Blu-ray?

beavis4play4071d ago

agreed. it seemed like this guy writing a commentary, not reporting anything coming from someone at blockbuster.

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