What If Apple Did Buy Sony?

NowGamer: This is not a question I ever thought I would be asking. What if Apple, makers of the Mac, iPod and iPad, bought out Sony, maker of TVs, the Walkman and perhaps most importantly the PlayStation console formats? As you may have heard Apple is apparently stockpiling cash to make take advantage of, “strategic opportunities in the future,” according to Apple chief Steve Jobs...

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pedrami913004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Id' stop buying Sony products altogether.
Their products would skyrocket in price.
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NothingToGainButLove3004d ago

To be honest, Sony products aren't exactly cheap either. Their VAIO notebooks are really expensive for the specs they provide.

Apple does have pretty good customer support though, Sony can use a little work there.

In the end though, I prefer them being their own companies.

Hideo_Kojima3004d ago

Today I introduce to you the iStation...

Which will revolutionize the world of gamers around the globe.

It comes build in with never before seen

(crowd cheer)

It plays movies of higher resolution than any other console in history...

of 1080p...
(crowd goes wild)

and above all...
We included ONLINE GAMING for the first time in console history
(crowd starts to cry from happiness)

All of that just for $1000

sikbeta3004d ago

I tell you what could happen, "PS4" -> PS3 white = $1500, games = $200

EeJLP-3004d ago

^^ Guntrol nailed it above. Very funny, probably because of how true it is.

They'd taught old features as new, never before seen (Like the iPhone 4's features for example, even though the EVO 4G already did everything and more besides the higher resolution screen). It would probably be:
*Underpowered, like the Wii of the next generation
*M for Mature games would probably be censored like how they censor apps
*Peripherals would be proprietary, so you'd have to overpay for them, like you do now with the 360's, but it would be even worse.

Kaneda3004d ago

Yeah, Apple products are higher price.. but people are keep buying them. Wonder why? Could it be they know how to make good products?

bednet3004d ago

lol, right...better quality...I would say trendy as the reason for it. People who buy Apple products don't ever shop's like Starbucks...people buy it for the cup.

ico923004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

honestly i wouldn't like that to be a reality, but i don't know why people are hating on Apple yes there products are extremely pricey, but has anyone actually been on their products ? there of high quality, i don't own any Apple products besides an ipod but i can appreciate there quality.

Macs are expensive as sh!t but there incredible to use Mac OS X Snow Leopard is imo the best OS on the market, windows 7 has features that mac users have had for almost 10 years, mac's are more reliable than PC's there more user friendly and there far more useful, the iphone is an incredible device you can do so much with it and apps are absolutely incredible easily the best cell phone out there, and the Ipad ..well personally i wouldn't pay that much for it but once your on it, its a pretty incredible device. Apple make quality products, pricey ? yes but your getting allot more than you pay for, this reminds me of the the PS3 and PSP there worth more than there price tag, i mean heck even when the PS3 was $600 sony was losing money, that's how you know your getting more than your money's worth.

40cal3004d ago

"Their VAIO notebooks are really expensive for the specs they provide."

I can tell you first hand that you get what you pay for out of the Vaio brand. I have two lap tops one is 12 years old (first year Vaio) and the other is 7. They both still run like a dream (considering age). Only problems out of either of them where Windows related.

Just got a L series all in one, and this thing is a beast. All of my friends have computer envy right now.

tacosRcool3004d ago

I will not buy anything Sony ever again. I hate Apple and all things Apple. Sure both companies have expensive products but I cannot purchase products from a company who the CEO thinks he's god

Lykon3004d ago

high specs don't mean good quality though, i went for a high spec dell lap top and the casing is coming apart. apple make really high quality stuff right? and sony make mid-range to high quality stuff, so the two combined would be a force to be reckoned with, a real massive threat to old M$ and it's endless bloody dodgey OS versions. as long as i dont have to use my playstation as a telephone or start rubbing my fingers all over the tv screen i don't mind.

darthv723004d ago

if apple did buy sony then the new company name would be...wait for it...


I could see kevin butler cozying up to wendy the snapple lady for adverts.

you all know i'm kidding right.

NothingToGainButLove3004d ago

You are right there. Sony VAIO's are definitely high build quality machines. They tend to bog it down with junk though. Unless you choose the fresh-start option when purchasing, they have all this useless stuff attached.

Needless to say, I really do want one of those Z series but the price is just ridonkulous for me XO

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GoldPS33004d ago

Sony and Apple make great quality products but I would be piss if Sony sell themselves so I say no.

PS360fanboy3004d ago

They would skyrocket to stuff like a 600 dollars console at launch!

EeJLP-3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

So it would be the cheapest next-gen optical disk player on the market? Let alone playing 3 generations of gaming disks, CDs, SA CDs, DVDs, SD cards, USBs, Wifi, 7.1 surround sound, etc.?

So you're saying it would be the equivalent of being the cheapest Holodisk player on the market.. it would play PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, CDs, Super Audio CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Quad-HD+ Holodisks, 9.2? surround sound, etc. for $600?

Sounds like a damn good deal if you have the money. Your attempt at bashing a $600 Blu-ray equipped PS3 is a weak attempt at flaming.

nycredude3004d ago

Only people who couldn't afford one bashed the Ps3's price. They have no clue how much it cost at the time to build.

Cold 20003004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

N4G crash and there would be a wave of suicides.

@above: "Id' stop buying Sony products altogether." You guys sure are sensitive.

@below: Im pretty much sure Sony fanboys are BY FAR the most sensitive out there. And I sure wouldnt give a crap if Apple bought MS if it doesnt affect negatively the gaming industry.

pedrami913004d ago

The same goes for Nintendo & Microsoft fans.

sikbeta3004d ago

@Cold 2000

dude the first thing you quoted has nothing to do with being sensitive, no one will pay $1500 for a white PS3...

SkyCrawler3004d ago

Arguing which fanboys are more sensitive is complete idiocy. Fanboys are sensitive in general.

The Wood3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

spoken by and like a true 'one' ze irony

We shall see. Im wondering which part of sony all of this speculation is about. They're not exactly small

Unbornkirkster193004d ago

LOL @ above "wave of suicides"

@The Wood Are you fucking Joking??! You're arguing whos most sensitive fanboy!?!? Do you realize how idiotic and immature you sound? You are what is wrong with this website and are the epitome of "stupid fanboy" please do us all a favor and gtfo!!

The Wood3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

i agree, and i agreed with ya I just wanted to highlight the doesnt help but i felt like doing it *shrugs*

@ the sensitive one below ya and above me

WTF lol, who said i was arguing about who was the most looking for that part and i still cant see it. Well too sensitive my friend IF you spent just 30 seconds looking through my comments you'd see that i acknowledge fanboys of both sides....(wii guys dont count;)

There is no 'only' or 'cause' or 'most x or y' I was just highlighting the irony of somebody saying x or y is whatever when they themselves are in it up to their necks..just chill I wont even take online offense to your comment because it shows that you dont know me at all so i cant get upset over that or id be just as brash and as quick to shoot as you've just been. Good day to you but ill say that you should at least have a gauge who you're talking to before you make such heartfelt eeeeemotional statements about them.... lol pm hit me up on xbl or psn...vent snipe me on

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darkequitus3004d ago

I have apple products (aesthetics), but not any more. They are are a hypocritical company. Remember all the crying about MS. Now they have mobile music domination (itunes) locked into their products, it is OK. Now they will try that with shows. What if they decide to go after netflix? While MS has the software manopoly, Apple is going for everything.. They want to control entertainment and lock it into their products.
I could imagine the Apple Playstation. rent only.

Unbornkirkster193004d ago

its a conspiracy! Microsoft and apple collaborating to create technological and software monopoly.

Sabre_G3004d ago

Microsoft would buy Nintendo,Shigeru Miyamoto would commit suicide, Apple buy EA, Microsoft buy Activision. They continue to try and 1up eachother until all developers have been consumed until the only franchises being made are Call of Halo and Medal of Madden.

Then skynet would takeover. /s

Zir03004d ago

If they did Sony would gain millions of additional users who are SUPER loyal. But they would only benefit from Apple fanatics if the playstation got a serious rebranding from Apple.

The PSP will also likely disappear and those devs will likely make games for iOS devices instead.

Karooo3004d ago

omega4 nice new account

Unbornkirkster193004d ago

omega4 disagreed with all of his accounts lol.