No Added Sugar Day One Review: Fable III is an ambitious disappointment

No Added Sugar's James gives his early review of Fable III, explaining the good, the bad, and the opportunities Lionhead missed.

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borisfett2914d ago

I can't personally agree, but still a well written piece.

noaddedsugar2914d ago

Looks like it's splitting opinion already. But the more discussion the better, we think!

noaddedsugar2914d ago

Interesting stuff James. Sort of getting the sense that a new Fable this quickly was a bit unnecessary. At least they've made some bold design choices to shake things up.

Troll_Police2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Most games need more than the usual 2 year development cycle. Insomniac recently said that they asked Sony for more dev time with Resistance 3 and Sony said yes. Insomniac said the extra year was sorely needed. Resistance 2 was a big disappointment for me that clearly needed more time. Problem is, in my opinion, MS don't care about quality. MS will release a game on schedule no matter what. Remember how Gears 2 released and the game's online portion was clearly not finished but MS won't miss that holiday release date. Halo ODST released with no matchmaking for firefight simply because they ran out of time for the holiday release. MS only gave the devs that made Crackdown 2 8 months to make it. 8 MONTHS! You can't make a quality game in 8 months. People criticize GT5 delays but I respect the fact that they don't want to release a half finished game.

PastyBomb2913d ago

Stop bitching you moron, go back to your fanboy page.

mcullin2914d ago

One thing Eurogamer alluded to in the their review, about frame rate drops and characters talking over each other, really annoys me about the Fable series. Needs some extra spit and polish in some key areas.

Cold 20002914d ago

I'll be getting it for sure but its true that since Fable 1 Fable games havent really shined for their graphics.

NecrumSlavery2914d ago

Fable's art syle is the only thing that shines at all. It isnt the story or gameplay.

sashimi2914d ago

Stop lying cold you know you don't play games. Trolling is a fulltime job for you

divideby02914d ago

even good reviews have a lot of things to say which offsets their scores...
I am gonna wait till I hear from gamers, as I did with FO3 and I am glad I didnt buy FO3 so far... Will get it once it hits the bargin bin... Fable may follow suit
How long is Fable ?

mrv3212914d ago

Where do you live... Fallout 3 SHOULD be in the bargain bins by now... I mean the game of the year edition is probably cheap at this point.

mrv3212914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

It's taken you this long to learn don't shop at gamestop.

$13, it's second hand but still a damn good buy for e that's about £1for every 10 hours I spent on Fallout 3.

mcullin2914d ago

By all accounts it's a pretty short title for an RPG, 12 hours or so?

soundslike2914d ago

12 hours? for a game that boasts crafting a lifetime legacy 12 hours seems like a rip off

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