The Real Science of Dead Space 2

GamePro: Can an entire planet really be cracked open and harvested for ore? Can the recently deceased rise under another being's control? We explore these topics and more as we probe the science behind one of gaming's most terrifying video-game series, Dead Space.

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The Meerkat2918d ago

This is a good read.

Yes, I'm a geek.

trainsinrdr2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

dead space is anything but scary its just gore after gore while tommy testosterone chops his way through aliens i still wait for a game that can scare me something more traditional that has disturbing images(not gory) that can make people paranoid and feel vulnerable about something in real life so yh it basically has to be something like the ring with the whole 7 days thing ... ill shut up now xD


Dead space is my favorite new IP so far, I really hope they do the game justice with the sequel.

This end of year gaming feels a little well depressing ( I hate that word ). just feels like sequel after sequel after sequel is being thrown together and they are all nothing but bug ridden messes.

they all feel like they are either taking a step backwards or they are just no progressing forward at all. is it just me feeling this way ?

anyway, bring on Dead Space 2. .. I need it badly.