Learn How To Unlock Guybrush Threepwood in The Force Unleashed 2

Monkey Island’s protagonist is hidden in The Force Unleashed 2 as a playable character. Seeing this lovable loser wield two lightsabers, and crush TIE Fighters with a wave of his hand is a laugh everyone needs to experience.

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BubbleSystemSuck2912d ago

i hate this kind of "unlockables" or watever

madpuppy2911d ago

THis is a pretty darn cool unlockable, frankly I wouldn't mind a full throttle and a max unlockable...imagine a dual lightsaber wielding MAX!!

lzim2911d ago

agree, easter eggs are not the same as unlock code DLC.

also it isn't like they made a playable Jar Jar.

WLPowell2911d ago

"pay 15 dollars for nu map pax!"

SeraphimBlade2911d ago

I have a hard time picturing Guybrush in that role. Should wield a pair of rubber chickens with pulleys in the middle.

cb4g2911d ago

And he could pull out his voodoo doll to replace force powers.

lzim2911d ago

which apparently would require buying a lackluster game.. no thanks.

OneSneakyMofo2911d ago

Or maybe you could... I dunno, rent it? Derp derp.