Happy 10th, PS2: The 10 Greatest Things About PlayStation 2

1UP: "Will the world ever see a more successful console than the PlayStation 2? Even the mighty Nintendo DS still needs to move another 10-12 million units to reach PS2's lofty heights -- and that's a portable system, where you buy one for every player rather than one for every household. The PS2 may well go down in history as gaming's pinnacle, not just for its sales but for being the console that offered the best of all that had come before while paving the way that would follow. Not a bad decade, if you ask me."

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frankymv2966d ago

Great console. I think the PS2 is on its deathbed though seeing that only 5 games were published for it this year.

GoldPS32966d ago

I think more than 5 games came out.

Blacktric2966d ago

Everything is great about PlayStation 2. It's just a legend and it will never die just like NES. Still remember the day my mom bought me one when its released and I still remember the first time I played Metal Gear Solid 2 (it was my first PS2 game).

GoldPS32966d ago

My 1st PS2 game was Tekken Tag Tournament. Good days.

Blacktric2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I'd take that generation over this one any day believe me. I'm hating this exclusive and DLC wars. Back then, PS2 had its library of games and Xbox had its own and most of us weren't complaining about screen tearings, head 2 head comparisons, AA problems, etc. I mean, give me a PS2 and a couple of games (even bad ones), I'd still play them for months and have fun unlike nowadays. Nowadays, it's all about relationships between companies. One game is inferior on one console and superrior on the other one etc etc. Not that I'm a graphic whore, but seeing how awesome games like Dragon Age is inferior on PS3 (performance is piss poor because of the developer, for example auto save takes a lot of time and there are frequent hiccups) is just makes me sick because of the developers laziness.