Game Informer: The Sims 3 Console Review

GI: When The Sims 3 released last June, it quickly became the most successful week one PC launch in EA’s long and venerable history, leaving sizable standards for its console brethren to live up to. While the core functionality of the game remains unchanged, noteworthy additions give Sims 3 on console new gleam – enough to merit a bit of envy from PC loyalists.

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kaos_fish II2912d ago

Oh lord - better make sure my daughter doesn't realize that 'The Sims 3' is on the PS3.. I'll never get her off it..

Headquarters112912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Make sure she doesn't get on youtube then. Just for today.

plb2912d ago

Looks pretty good if you're a sims fan which I am not.

Corrwin2912d ago

But I'll wait for a more in-depth review

Orange Juice2912d ago

I picked this up with my gf last night and so far we're really enjoying it. The customization options are ridiculous, anyone with an ounce of creativity will spend hours just creating their sim family. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoyed the ps2 sims games because the upgrade from those is overwhelming.

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