Gran Turismo 5 - exclusive Top Gear Test Track video

CVG: Sad about the recent re-delay of Gran Turismo 5? Watch this exclusive new gameplay video for Gran Turismo 5 and it'll ease the pain.

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sinncross2967d ago

I wonder if Kaz will be interviewed on Top Gear... that could be very interesting.

Venatus-Deus2967d ago

He gets a force feedback wheel, pedals, on screen instructions of racing lines and when to brake; the player also probably has a driving license…

…and he still can’t keep the damn car on the road.


ryuzu2967d ago

He is getting a lot of distraction from people around him (I note at the beginning he describes the head tracking as "brilliant").

Not only that but he's also missing the single biggest thing that would help him - the thing that drivers use the most in order to understand what the car is doing.... Proprioception. Without it, he's only got a portion of the data a driver in a real car has.


Venatus-Deus2967d ago

You’re kidding right?

You’re blaming the lack of kinesthesia on the human body as the reason he can’t drive in a straight line or corner properly?

That’s why there is a big blue line that TURNS RED indicating when to brake, which doesn’t happen in real life and replaces the need for Proprioception.

What are you? First year Biomechanics? Really poor argument.

Dee_912967d ago

i drove like shit at the demo in best buy and only 3 people was watching and talking to me
i can just imagine how i would play around 20+ people
and im a good driver ..

King-Leonidas2967d ago

Stig just pre-ordered GT5.

TrevorPhillips2967d ago

me wants it, me needs it, my pwessious

The Meerkat2967d ago

Only two problems.

Britain isn't that sunny and our grass isn't that green.

Karooo2967d ago

now go back to your xbox

Venatus-Deus2967d ago

What are you talking about?

If we have no sun then that’s exactly how the grass should look. Green and well watered.


ExplosionSauce2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I guess it all depends on the weather.

TroyAndAbed2967d ago

The Top Gear track is that sunny and that's Top Gear.

MaximusPrime2967d ago

The track isnt meant to be October.

visualb2967d ago

there is a top gear track in forza 3 right?....

visualb2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

didn't want to sound too bitter though =P

we all know GT5 is the real Top Gear fan service!

C L O U D2967d ago

Well I live in London and it can be REALLY sunny and the grass can also be REALLY green.

ginganinja2967d ago

They must have been over on the afternoon of summer we had this year...

(didn't realise the British weather had fanboys though..!?!)

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LordStig2967d ago

I'am ashamed that i let you play in my backyard.

MaximusPrime2967d ago

im impressed with the video. First time i saw a good gameplay of Top Gear track. It will be tough to beat the Stig's time.

RedDead2967d ago

One thing i'm generally looking forward too, beating the stig in the reasonably priced car :P

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