Review: Sonic 4 Episode 1 - StickTwiddlers

Sonic fans the world over cried out to SEGA to make a Sonic game just like his retro 2D days and SEGA finally listened!
So did they get it right and please the hardcore Sonic fans out there?
Let’s take a look at the latest Sonic outing, titled Sonic 4 Episode 1 and see if the blue hedgehogs latest adventure is worth your cash.

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MonopolyRSV2918d ago

This game should've been canceled the day the fans made that 3D Sonic remix. It's a step backwards from the classic Sonic, that's unnacceptable. This game can burn in hell.

kasasensei2918d ago

Too expensive, the main problem for me.

Kran2918d ago

The controls were a little lame, but comparing them to Sonic and Knuckles, they feel better o.O