Dynasty Warriors 7 HD GamePlay

Gameplay footage from Dynasty Warriors 7 ( Shin Sangokumusou 6 ) set to release in March 2011.

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panasonic232918d ago

This look like it going to be the best DW game ever

Static-X2918d ago

Same old Hack-n-slash, hack-n-slash...

Baka-akaB2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

The funny thing is given how some of you each time write it off as "same old same old" , without really trying or checking out for changes , you wouldnt know if it was different .

Unless told so .

PS : and yes the game have changed , i'm not even at all a fan , and yet i already know that the combo system is different from the past , that there is a new skill tree system , and a duel mode (already done but different from the one in 4).

Simon_Brezhnev2918d ago

Duel mode pissed me off in 4, well fighting against Lu Bu and Zhang Fei since they had grabs. So what i did was every time i landed one hit on Lu Bu i would save the game lol.

Simon_Brezhnev2918d ago

lol i bet the people that complain i bet its the people who only play FPS and buy every call of duty or madden series.

syrion2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

i agree with you, i want bigger map, smart ai
i hope this game not fail like its predecessor DW6

xino2918d ago

Upon all the gameplay vid I've seen for Dynasty games, all the enemies do are surround you and stand there doing nothing:/

BlackBusterCritic2918d ago

In the old days, they surrounded a threat and took turns attacking to minimize the chance of missing, or the person dodging, and hitting one of your allies.

radphil2918d ago

Oh you want smart AI? Look up the video on DW: Gundam 3 that's going around the net. Good god the enemies are vicious, even on normal.

Tarmgar2918d ago

Turn up the difficulty and the AI will thank you. They don't just hit hard either.

Ahasverus2918d ago

New? Are you sure it's not the same game I played in 2003? Oh wait...

denero12918d ago

but gosh i kind of wish they use the same characters but make up some new stories and enemies i mean i know they had more happen then whats just wrote in books so why cant we defer off path a little bit

Simon_Brezhnev2918d ago

im a big fan to i was mad when they changed the weapons this generation. I use to like playing as Dwan Wei until they messed up his weapon in DW 6.

soundslike2918d ago

as bland and unoriginal as they are, having a cheap copy of dynasty warriors around is a pretty good way to get some quick catharsis. nothing relaxes the nerves like killing hundreds of dumb AI bots wave after wave

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The story is too old to be commented.