Steve Jobs ‘raged at Microsoft’ over Bungie sale

Apple boss made angry Ballmer call when Xbox bought Mac experts and Halo creators Bungie

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kratos1232967d ago

30mil thats a steal fore bungie but im really wondering what bungie is cooking right now I do know its a mmo but what kind off mmo

siyrobbo2966d ago

how do you know its an MMO?

kratos1232966d ago

Let my ask you this why do you think bungie choose acti/blizzard over ea because blizzard knows how to work mmo ea doesn't have that much experience in mmo . Second when they where working fore ms they where developing a halo mmo by ms canceled the project there are some leaked screens of the project . Third Michael patcher had a chat with bungie and they told him they where developing a new kind of mmo.he has it in 1 of his videos on gt the signs are to obvious hope I helped you a little

siyrobbo2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

not exactly obvious, nothing confirmed, no official announcements. Pure speculation. you said you knew it was an MMO, i thought id missed an official announcement or something

I'd expect it to be something more hybrid, bungie can be very creative, i cant wait to see what they come up with

darthv722966d ago

Ballmer (i dont believe) had anything to do with that many MANY moons ago. That was back when the original xbox was in development.

I would think Jobs would be mad at Gates not Ballmer. Wasnt Gates still CEO back then?

RockmanII72966d ago

1 - Bungie went with Activision because Acti were the only ones who would let Bungie own whatever IP's they create after their contract is up

2 - Bungie wasn't making the MMO, thats like saying Bungie is gonna make an RTS because of Halo Wars.

3 - Not gonna dig around for it, but I'm sure it was a misunderstanding.

Personally, I think they are either working on a Flight, TPS, or a FPS.

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gamingdroid2966d ago

It's a steal after they are a success! They could have been a failure like oh so many other companies, then you got robbed!!!

coolstuff2967d ago

Not surprising since Halo was originally going to be developed for Mac and Bungie was a prominent Mac developer. I bet Jobs was pissed when Halo became a billion dollar franchise.

tacosRcool2966d ago

Well good thing Halo wasn't on the Mac, imagine all the Mac users sneering at all the PC users!

OneSneakyMofo2966d ago

PC users wouldn't believe Mac users.

"Ahahaha, a good game on Mac? Yeah, right."

Optical_Matrix2967d ago

Well that would piss me off.

crzyjackbauer2966d ago

im not woried
343 industries is half of the Halo3 team from bungie
and many other talented people like the producer from MGS4
Halo is in good hands if not better than Bungie

MGRogue20172967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

That pic.. lol

Steve Jobs Vs Steve Ballmer
Skinny Vs Fat

I think Ballmer would win out of pure brute force :D

YoungKingDoran2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )


--ignore this -- just gotta say something 'normal' to prove to skynet this aint spam post

Motion2966d ago

Not to mention that Jobs has cancer.

dragonelite2967d ago

You wouldn't have know if halo would be a hit on the mac it was a rts.
But microsoft bought them let them loose on the xbox and they perfected the shooter mechanics and that was what made them popular on the mac or pc it would be just a shooter.

siyrobbo2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

that's it, i'd imagine it would be a fondly remembered game, but no way it would have been the behemoth

Then again it could have taken off like call of duty and been an even bigger franchise than it is now, i remember that they were planning ps2 / xbox ports of the game originally

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