Building or porting a Wii game “not something we would do again”, says Ready at Dawn

VG247: Yeah. The new project God of War: Ghost of Sparta developer Ready at Dawn hinted at this morning? Doesn’t sound like it’s on Wii.

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pedrami912966d ago

A new Wii game is out of the question then ?

Why dont Sony just buy em' already, they've proven their awsome capabilities with the PSP.

matey2966d ago

how much did sony pay u m8 to say this about the wii that has the most games always in the top 10 worldwide and in UK alone so what u talk is crap oh God of war is crap aswell same gameplay with updated visuals if all need to do is keep upgrading visuals it becomes an easy job and never tests the developers real skills end of like all sony games they get tiring tapping them buttons aint for me anymore thats final its like NBA JAM wouldnt be as good without the motions yes i have the game i tried it with classic pro which is by capcoms ommisions the best pad out there they help develop the thing and it felt flat and boring so 360/ps3 have the bun deal there the wii has the best linup of games this year and going into next aswell grow up talking rubbish m8 the wii sold so well because poeple got bored of numbered sequels ect still tapping buttons same control input same gameplay gets boring i used to play ps2 now wii and i have 8 gamesi play on more than i used to on ps2

n4f2966d ago

btw its possible to finish gow1 with only square-square-triangle combo

Seferoth752966d ago

I almost believed him still he starting quoting fanboys on the internet as fact.
Truth is if these idiots were right, the Wii wouldnt still be selling software.

Proof is in their own port. Wii had 25 million sold, PS2 had 100 million sold, Okami sales on Wii are better than on PS2, good enough that Nintendo gets another chance with the franchise.

na-no-nai2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

who need their games, just got 4 games pre-ordered so far and still gotta get the older games im missing out.