Microsoft Mum explains Kinect

"No more gadgets, no more gizmos, it's just YOU." A video by a mom, explaining Kinect for other mothers out there.

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JokesOnYou2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Anyway nice vid, I thought she explained it well for the soccer moms.

I've been thinking about getting kinect, before I wanted to wait until theres a game I'm interested in, but the XBL intergration/dashboard interaction has always had my attention. After talking to my cousin back home yesterday, he sort of sold me on it. I'm already buying 1 for my nephews. I think I'm going to pick one up on release for myself too so I can vid chat with family, ah and see who's over at his house. lol


The Wood2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

yep, i thought so too. Even though its a compliment so to speak its a bit slack for a so called major site.

Im not really interested in the dashboard interaction to be honest ill just wait until something more appealing to me personally comes up. I still have hope even though ive expressed so much doubt. Im dont think anybody can blame anybody else who feels the same.


oh, ok, ill take it back eurogamer

Red_Orange_Juice2966d ago

original video was "MS Mum" and you added personal comment to it

2966d ago
The Wood2966d ago

i think thats gunna be the only thing ill agree with you for a while.

nix2966d ago

now the whole family will know how much their kids curse... q:

The Maxx2966d ago

Wow, it would appear the MODS on this site have their heads stuck straight up their asses if they deleted C64's comment for "trolling".

inveni02966d ago

"There's something for everyone..."

No...there's not. Also, I'm starting to see what Anton was talking about when he was saying that it would get tiresome waving your hands "Minority Report"-style. Did you see how far she had to move her hand to FF/RW just a little bit? I'm pretty sure that specific demo was rigged, but rewinding through 10 minutes of footage could be tiresome. Sure, you could just grab a controller for that...but if the controller is handy then why not have one in the first place?

It just seems a little overdone to me. A great concept, but not a practical one.

lowcarb2966d ago

Yes it does look rather tiresome after a few secs but I think voice commands will be useful in ff rw moments.

gamingdroid2966d ago

If moving your arms tire you, since I know a lot of gamers out there aren't used to moving their body much, there is always voice control!

If that is too much of a hassle after your b!tching session while you frag your friends, then perhaps Kinect isn't for you!

inveni02966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Holding your arms out in front of you for an extended period of time would tire ANYBODY. That's why they do that sort of thing in toning exercises. It requires the use of muscles that don't normally get a lot of use. I'm sure you're a big, macho strongman, but the average person (mothers like in this video, for example) are not conditioned to do that.

Even if you are a big, muscular stud, I'm sure you'd probably get tired playing even something as simple as Archery in Sports Champions for an extended period.

EDIT: Oh, and voice commands are even less useful for a mother (or anyone with kids). Will Kinect be able to pick out "Xbox Play" over the background noise of children screaming, "MOM! Tyler won't share the popcorn!"

I didn't think so.

PSFan1002966d ago

"Microsoft Mum explains Kinect"
WOW! Microsofts mum is pretty hot! I'd tap that.

Anyway this is more proof that Kinect is nothing more then a casual gamers device.

Denethor_II2966d ago

"I think I'm going to pick one up on release for myself too so I can vid chat with family"

So you're buying Kinect to use as a web cam?

2966d ago
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Calvin_ISA2966d ago

Grab popcorn.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
For teh lulz.

VINNIEPAZ2966d ago

"Calvin_ISA" = A PRIME example of whats wrong with this site, troll infestation. Man GTFO.

Now on topic.....MILF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Calvin_ISA2966d ago

Says the guy with two bubbles..
Look at my comment history.
Let the reality of Kinect really being shit settle in.
It's not hate on something beautiful. It's not because I can't have it. It's because it's not advancing gaming in any way. I'm a core gamer, you see, I don't want to play Beiber songs, I don't want to see the new Alice In Wonderland movie, I don't want Kinect to slow down the games that actually matter.
Do you know what Justin Beiber, Alice In Wonderland, and cute little tigers have in common? Little kids love them.
Sure, what I did was a little "troll-y", but as I stated I did it for teh lulz. Learn to take jokes, people. I don't get pissy at others bashing things if it's obviously a joke.
Now be quiet and pretend this never happened for the sake of your brain cells.

TheBlackSmoke2966d ago

lol kinect defence force in full effect.

acere2966d ago

Well Microsoft have doomed themselves properly this time -_- they've sided with Justin Beiber. Hope you guys enojoy Project Anal on your FagBox's.

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Zir02966d ago

Is this language really appropriate.

mrv3212966d ago

There's worse on prime time TV in Britain.

Also who gives a damn?

kasasensei2966d ago

Oh come on, change the horrible title of this news......

KratosGirI2966d ago

No dude.

These type of titles always attracts the pubescent members!

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