Why Apple should buy Valve

CVG: But, let's be honest, if - and it's a big if - Apple was indeed looking to get involved in the gaming world then clearly there is only one company that makes any sense whatsoever.

Not EA, not Sony, not even Activision-Blizzard, the MMO behemoth that is prising money out of gamers' hands faster than anybody else on the planet.

No, the only gaming company that would appear to make any sense whatsoever for Apple to buy is Valve.

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ryuzu2917d ago

No. Valve isn't for sale, but even if Apple managed to find enough cash to make it possible for Valve to be bought, the talent there would leave and form another company and Apple is left with a name - see Rare as a great example of a company that is bought for it's talent which then simply moves away.

If Apple are looking to buy something they need to either buy product, or at least a company with willing employees. Bungie is probably a better target - Bungie's spiritual beginnings are with Apple, and they're a big name too (if somewhat one dimensional as a company now).


cdland2917d ago

Apple is fine with the Iphone apps, lots of little games there. If Apple wanted to be a platform in gaming they would have worked it into the operating system. So buy an over priced Intel Apple system and run the duel boot. CC :D

Letros2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Wouldn't make much sense to have a DD Store where ~92%(no I did not make that up) of games require DirectX with Windows, a Microsoft product.

dorron2917d ago

They should buy Valve just to get rid off Gabe Newell...oh, there would still be Steve Jobs, shit!!!