PS3 GRAW2 Review: 8.2/10

Following a phenomenal release on the Xbox 360 a few months ago, Ubisoft is back with a surprisingly competent port. You may initially be underwhelmed by GRAW2 as a next-gen game, but it's important to remember how much of an impact GRAW had. It's hard to top the amazing graphics that were first demonstrated with its predecessor, but GRAW2 manages to slightly improve on almost every aspect of the original, making this a must own title for fans of the series or just action games in general.

If you've been missing out on the GRAW series on the Xbox 360 or PC but were always a little curious, you owe it to yourself to give GRAW2 a look. Practically every PS3 owner should give this one a spin, as the PS3's sparse lineup seems desperate for a winner. GRAW2 may be a few months late but the wait was definitely worth it and patient PS3 owners have been rewarded with one of the best titles for the console yet.

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Real gamer 4 life4069d ago

the ps3 version of graw looks better , then the 360?

secur1ty9114069d ago

I'm debating whether to exchange it for either Heavenly Sword or Lair OR I might just open her up and play the damn thing. The only thing thats stopping me from playing it is the fact that I heard its only 4 to 5 hours in length and thats playing it in the most dificult level.
Can someone out there give me some insight on what i should do. Anyone....

skinzfan4068d ago

Keep the game. It looks better than the 360 version and the Muliplayer aspect of it is lots of fun. This game should have easily been a 90.

paracardium4069d ago

Go online and choose threw the few modes and pick what you want to play.It varies from run and gun to hardcore planning in some of these modes.Keep it and give it a try I'm having alot of fun with it.