KZ3 beta codes already being sold for profit

As many of you know, the Killzone 3 beta codes where being sent out yesterday and as many seem to do in recent times….people are starting to sell them for profit.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Is it? I'd sell my beta code for a minimum $5,000. That's my price take it or leave it.


Think they're doing it in parts to minimize download shit storm.

sack_boi2939d ago

- PS3 has no games
- Shooter box
- Can't believe people are so stupid
- Pending...

WildArmed2939d ago

I don't think so.
It is probably against the terms and conditions of the beta.. but GG doesn't give a hoot enough to go around and find who bought/sold their code or what not.

No one cares enough really.

Jake3602939d ago

You don't think it is, but you think it is probably against the T&C? Make your mind up.

Munders122939d ago

Have all the codes been sent out yet?
I have PS+ and I'm pretty sure I was within the first 10,000 to download the theme.

WildArmed2939d ago

Yes, I believe so.
I didn't get in either.
I'm not surprised.
Yet, still sad.

kasasensei2939d ago

Sad, as you say. You're paying and don't even have the right to test a beta.
I laugh, thinking of the many people who subscribed for this beta. XD

OneShotThrill2939d ago

I didn't get in either. And I DL the theme as soon as the theme went up. And I've been a PS+ suscriber since day one

N4Great2939d ago


you don't pay for beta, you have a lot of free stuff, games, ps+ is a good deal only after 2 months, so pay your ridiculous fee to play p2p, and shut up.

with plus, you have a priority access to beta, but if the beta is limited to 1 millions, and ytou have 2 millions + users, you have to make choices (and i hope they choose first real kz2 users)

kasasensei2939d ago

i don't want to pay to host my games, nor i don't want to pay to have access to broken and unfinished games.
PS+ is not a great deal if you don't care about crappy Minis (coming from apple store) or don't usually buy DLC like a consummation maniac.
I don't see how PS+ is more a big deal than XBL gold, seriously... There are offers every week on the XBL, it's basically just the same shit. You won't change my mind.
I don't wanna pay for GOLD nor i don't wanna pay for PS+? Get it? Simple no?

hesido2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Can everybody who is paying for Xbox Live Gold enter a beta?


I thought so. This is not a mistake of PSN plus. You have to limit Beta usage to some people..

p.s. Then again, you're right that people should not have subscribed to PSN plus *just* to get in this Beta, to give credit where it's due.

maxcer2939d ago

"Can everybody who is paying for Xbox Live Gold enter a beta?"

sure, you just gotta jump on the invites quick.

here are some you missed, obviously.

Future Soldier
various CoD's

hesido2939d ago


I meant, beta's cannot cover all the userbase, whether you are paying or not.

I don't own an Xbox, btw.

WildArmed2939d ago

oh naive sensei
I've been a PS+ member since day one.
It was hardly because of the beta that I registered.

Only if people knew half of what they think they know...

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talltony2939d ago

and I downloaded that theme 10 mins too late! I got really lucky

darkdoom30002939d ago

>"You're bidding on a beta code that will give you access to the Public Beta to Killzone 3. These are not available ANYWHERE. These CAN NOT be attained from websites, or giveaways, or from preordering."

Lol? Lots of websites are giving out codes :| False advertizing right there.

DoomeDx2939d ago

Lots of sites are giving them away?

Name me 3 sites.
i only know IGN.

maxcer2939d ago

kotaku gave 25 away, and i remember seeing a another site doing a giveaway too.

this is a promotion for KZ3, if you think GG is putting this beta out for QA your only kidding yourselves. stress the servers and promote the game. that's it.

gamerzBEreal172939d ago

still never got mine and im in NA gusse that means im not in? I GOT IT ON THE 19TH THO?

xg-ei8ht2939d ago

Mine was 19th as well, twitter. Not PSN.

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