Gamepro: "Blue Dragon, a world class gaming experience"

Blue Dragon delivers something that Xbox 360 owners have been clamoring for since the console's release: an exclusive next-gen RPG title that offers up an epic experience that's on par with any game with the word 'final' in the title.

There's a reason why this game has given the 360 such a lift in Japan: it is, without a doubt, a world class gaming experience.

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RadientFlux4160d ago

Wow a high review for Blue Dragon. I usually don't like JRPGS but with no Random Battles I found myself enjoying Blue Dragon.

alexander22rednaxela4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

I played the demo, and I can understand why some would love the game while others would be bored quickly.
Though to love this kind of a game you really need to have time available to play it, because this game needs time to get started and to get the story and gameplay interesting.

Beginning is boring(for some) and the exitement picks up when you get more into the story and universe of Blue Dragon. ;)

JPomper4160d ago

Protip: Gamepro sucks!

kewlkat0074160d ago

I still will get this game....

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