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BeefJack: "Fable III is an enormously entertaining, engrossing title – a game which treads the line between melodrama and comedy, morality and self-interest, with exacting precision. Of course, it would be impossible to get literally everything right. But as the culmination of more than six years of dedication and reinvention, this is as good as it’s ever going to get."

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mrv3212915d ago

AAA implies an AVERAGE of above 90... let's check here.

with a sample of 35it has an average score of 82/100 and seeing as the average goes down over time we may look at the high 70's mark...


tinybigman2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

seems to be the only time you come out of your cave lol. OT i'm done with fable i've been disappointed by both games and i'm not giving Peter M anymore of my money.

Game-ur2915d ago

More like another disappointing Zzz game

WildArmed2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I can't wait for fable 3 :D
If I can gather up enough money to buy it on launch day, awesome!
Otherwise, I may have to wait for a price drop..
or the PC version (which is always cheaper than console versions)
Either way, this has to be the last game I care about this fall. -- unless some game slipped my mind --(note:Gt5 is TBA atm).

Software_Lover2915d ago

but I just cant get into fable. But I love Mass Effect, LOL. We need a Lost Odyssey 2 so I can get my JRPG on. But this is good news for fable fans. I'll probably pick it up to add to my collection once the price goes down under 20.00

WildArmed2915d ago

For me,
it was the grand experience that Fable:Lost Chapters offered.
Probably one of the best WRPG i've played.

Fable 2 was fun, but pales in comparison to F:lC.
I'm hoping Fable 3 follows down F:LC :D

Mass Effect is quite different than Fable.
Since you can pratically play the whole game as an FPS (i played a sniper run-through. :D )

It's alot more like Witcher (idk if u've played it)

Orionsangel2915d ago

Wow this game goes the full spectrum. From really bad to ok to a masterpiece!

WildArmed2915d ago

Quite a niche game i guess.
*looks at Demons Souls*
Very nice :D

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