Killzone 2 Mini-Gun Mini-Boss Battle Cam Gameplay takes a look at the mini-boss in Killzone 2 in this enhanced resolution footage.

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Anything but Cute4069d ago

Could be better than bioshock even.

razer4069d ago

Yes it could be.. By why even mention that? It's not like they are going to be head to head competition.. This game doesn't even have a release day Bioshock is going for GOTY this year.

WaggleLOL4069d ago

LOL, Bioshock!

Now that is funny...

secret4069d ago

I just want to say that I totally love the pic that razer has. Goodness.

But while I'm here, I might a well say that Killzone 2 looks good, along with Grand Turismo 5. When I say good for KZ2, I was mainly complimenting the details and technical goodness of the look, the amount of microscopic details that people might not notice.

doomsonyman4069d ago

some cool ass reload animations

beavis4play4069d ago

the more i see, the more i want!

Bazookajoe_834069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

The only problem i saw was the ai on the first person he shot over the bridge, he was just standing there. Everything else was realy awsome=)

Edit: To joevfx: Yea i saw the video walkthrough earlier when he was explaining about the game and that he said that the ai was in progress. But as someone mentioned one time the helghast seemed to be standing still but with a closer look he was reloading. And i dont know if this was in godmode, apparently it could screw up the ai sometime.

joevfx4069d ago

the AI is obviosly not done, half the time the enemies werent shooting at him they were just standing there. this video was just shown to show some gamplay adn the graphics. the devs even said in a recent interview that they are still working on the AI.

secret4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

That's a showcase of TRUE AI power. In real life, if you get shot in the head or face and are not dead yet, you'd be dazed, woozy, wobbly and probably limp like a newborn baby. I doubt that after getting shot in the head like that soldier did that you'd be chasing after anyone with a gun.

For example, look at boxers when they've taken enough hits to head. Instead of being dangerous and running towards the opponent in rage and violence, they're can't even stand straight. They're harmless. And one more punch will send them to sleep.

Do you think that it's realistic that after a person gets shot in the face or vital part of the body that he'll suddently get energy from somewhere and dash at you with his gun? A person who just got wounded isn't in the capacity to start charging and assaulting you.

Or, okay, the AI needs work. LOL.

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The story is too old to be commented.