Microsoft To Enable User-Created Xbox 360 Games

Microsoft has revealed XNA Game Studio Express, a new product which will allow indie developers and students to develop simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PC, and share their games to others in a new Xbox 360 'Creators Club'.

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ACE5390d ago

i'm gona look in to this when it gets released ,,,,

Sidherich5390d ago

If its one thing you cant say about Microsoft its that they dont care about developers.

I really like to work with the Visual Studio tools. XNA sounds good as well and will be free for hobbiests, yay.

Of course indie devs will have less powerfull tools than the ones working with dev kits and i'm pretty sure that MS left some functionality out in order to prevent users from programming mods or hacks on the xbox 360

specialguest5390d ago

heyy..hahah isn't this exactly what Sony Online is planning to do? allow no name/indy video game companies to publish their games for online download.

i brought this up so that some of you won't yell out "SONY COPIED AGAIN!", cus this was mentioned by Sony several months before this article.

Sidherich5390d ago

actually what you said is what XBLA is.

XNA is about delivering the TOOLS to do that for free not the publishing

TheXgamerLive5390d ago

This was mentioned even before the onset and release of xbox 360 and thr new xbox live. Sorry:))

bizzy125390d ago

no sony copy xna xna was talked about round the same time as the 360 was talked about

specialguest5390d ago

im not saying this company copied that companies idea, but do you honestly believe that only the great minds of MS can think of this idea? hahahah i knew someone like you would come along.

Shin_Akakage5390d ago

No one actually knows what Sony Online is planning to do...I don't even think Sony knows at this point. There has been very little concrete information on Sony's online plans for PS3 and beyond. The only thing known for sure is that you'll be able to play multiplayer games online. This idea was kicked around during the life cycle of the original xbox...when XNA was first announced/introduced...its good to see that Msoft is implementing some of the great ideas that were being tossed around. This is definitely something I will be looking into.

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The story is too old to be commented.