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XXLgaming writes, "Lionhead gives us the third installment of Fable and they have without a doubt topped the previous two efforts. You'll be completely engrossed in the environment and the story as you embark on an experience that is matched by no other RPG."

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knifefight2916d ago

Perfect score. 97 would have shown so much obvious bias, but 95 would have really been a huge ripoff--just unforgiveable. 97 is really the best number for it.

Spydiggity2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"Lionhead Studios has once again brought a masterpiece of a game to the Xbox 360 console."

as soon as i read that, it became clear the author has no interest in being unbiased.

i played both previous fables, and while they are fun (although short and nowhere near as deep as lion head claimed they would be), they are not great games, and certainly not unmatched.

fable is a good series, but come on... reviews like this deserve no credibility. it's basically an elaborate marriage proposal to Albion

xXxSeTTriPxXx2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

i'm calling bs on this or any review thats talking about this game like it's the second coming fable has always been a shallow attempt at a depth no character devolpment, and the only way you interact with the world is through simple and sometimes funny gesture.the first fable was boring as f**k with a gimmick ageing system.the second fable was good with simple but some what deep combat but the story was ass and the character interaction and devolpment was hideous.but 360 bot's like simple mind numbing games.and before you ask yes i own a 360 yes i've played (or tryed to) play fable 1&2.the first fable, i played like 8hours of then was so bored i traded it in for chronicles of riddick.the second fable i couldn't finish because everything is over simplified.simple games are not engaging because they offer no real depth.

Danniel12915d ago

Reveiws arn't meant to be unbiased, they are the opinions of the author, would you have made a similar comment if the game had been given a 10/100 be this reviewer.

Chuk52916d ago

the hits keep on coming.

blue7xx72916d ago

Wow it's getting really great reviews overall a few 8's, the majority are in the 9's and a few 10's not bad.

Highly-Strung2915d ago

incredible score, goes to classic!