Black Ops blackout


Why have we heard so little about the Wii version?

Call Of Duty: Black Ops is gonna "blow you away," Those were the words of Mark Lamia, studio head of Treyarch, They were also the last words we heard uttered about the Wii version of Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

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Cratos87802967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

why is there a black ops wii anyway?

Fishy Fingers: Because most multi-platform hardcore M-rated games are PC,PS3,360 only.

Fishy Fingers2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Why not?

Edit: Right, so what better M-rated game to buck the trend than the biggest one in gaming. Plus, Modern Warfare had a Wii version (Million+ sales), it even had a DS version.

Cratos87802967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

omfg sales sales sales sales!!!! You want to play sales but not games, huh?

Then explain to me why Modern Warfare sold no-where as much as PS3 and 360 versions? Why? Wii has more hardware sold, so Wii-version should have outsold PS3 and 360 versions combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the Wii, DS version of Black Ops have all of the contents and features of HD versions? NO! Black Ops Wii isn't even 3D like the PS3 version. (and don't fool me, Black Ops DS is a different game)

And why are most multi-platform hardcore M-rated games are PC, PS3, 360 only? Why???

Black Ops Wii is not on the pre-orders charts!

EDIT #2: Fishy Fingers-
"If Activision think it's worth while and some Wii gamers buy and enjoy it, what's the problem."

Not Activision but Treyarch. Infinity Ward didn't care about porting Modern Warfare 2 to Wii.

Fishy Fingers2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Haha, you seem to be getting quite aggressive (and rather convoluted), I only listed it's sales to show that while it may not be the usual type of game found on the Wii it can still be profitable.

So why put it on the Wii? Because it can be profitable. If Activision think it's worth while and some Wii gamers buy and enjoy it, what's the problem.

Edit: Treyarch answer to Activision, they would of had the final call whether or not a Wii version happened. Treyarch made the Wii version of Modern warfare, they have a lot of experience with the console. Thats probably way there was no MW2, as Treyarch were making Black Ops on every platform.

stragomccloud2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


What you might not know. Is that Call of Duty 4 on the Wii was not advertised at all. The extent of the advertising was limited to VERY limited web advertising. Most people didn't even know the darn thing existed. And yet, it still managed to sell 1 million plus. I'd say that's pretty impressive.

In fact all of the Call of Duty games on Wii sold more than 1 million copies. If any game sells that much. Then it's definitely worth it. To ignore the potential to sell 1 million more copies of a game than you would have if you didn't release it on the Wii, would just be a stupid business decision.

matey2967d ago

yes they have all been ports until this game that is getting huge investments in the TEV ect google it

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tunaks12966d ago

cratos8780 explain to me why you would pick up the ps3/360 version of the game when we all know the pc version controls better and looks better?

stragomccloud2965d ago

Whoever disagreed is an idiot. They obviously don't know that, if you really really must have dual analog, you can hook up a 360 controller. The ignorance of people these days. Why anyone would choose dual analog over a keyboard and mouse, is well beyond me however.

matey2967d ago

Its because of Goldeneye they will show the game in the week that is inbetween goldeneye release and black ops the game will look like its running on 360 in 480p thats my bet and thats why they dont want to mess with Goldeneye sales ie dont show it off until goldeneye is out the door wii version has back end patching ect early this year treyarch said they have invested heavyily in wii TEV/GPGPU rct and it took huge investment so it will be amazing i think.

AllForOne1232966d ago

We will see, non of the other COD games on the Wii were able to deliver to the masses. One can only hope.

Simco8762966d ago

Goldeneye being remade on the Wii is like a sin. Why would I want a Goldeneye that looks like the 64 version?

I already own the 64 version

SKUD2966d ago

Because wii is hardcore balls to the walls get drunk and slap your flowers right out of there roots EXTREME!!!.

tunaks12966d ago Show
KillerPwned2966d ago

Id take Goldeneye over COD any day. But if their was a Wii version of the first COD now that be just about as epic as Goldeneye.

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