GameInformer: Fable III Review

GI: Even after you “beat” the game, new quests, locations, and characters open up. And those decisions you made as king? They’ll affect the way the world looks and behaves, too. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that when I said just about everybody died, I wasn’t kidding. From raising a family, becoming a land baron, and even partnering up with friends locally or online, this is the most fully realized version of Albion yet. It’s a must-play for fans of adventure or anyone who thinks they can run things better than those bums in Washington. Good luck.

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big_silky2918d ago

looks like another AAA for the 360, that's 2 within the past month or so.

Karooo2918d ago

lol, if IGN gives it under 9 that means the game is worse than AAA

BeOneWithTheGun2918d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

AAA means big budget. It has nothing to do with review scores.

@BiggC Well, case in point...Haze. That was a AAA title and flopped commercially. I can see the parallel from big budget to high quality but that does not mean a good review score or that the game is a "killer app". Many games have good graphics or whatnot but when it comes to the overall presentation, it fails. I respect your point, though.

BiggCMan2917d ago

big budget haha. no, triple A does in fact mean something is of high quality.

Arnon2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

No, it actually doesn't, just like the definition of "flop" does not mean a game scoring low contrary to what a lot of people on N4G believe.

AAA status refers to how much production time and money was spent on it.

StanLee2917d ago

Thanks to BeOneWithTheGun and Arnon. Everytime there is a major release I have to explain this to the simpletons at

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rugis2918d ago

Please tell me you aren't starting a fanboy war.

Troll_Police2918d ago

And it will be the last "AAA" until this time next year.

Chuk52918d ago

Buying it regardless, but we'll see when other reviews roll in. Seems like a very divisive game.

Kingdom Come2918d ago

I have a friend that is the complete opposite and adores the franchise, this'll no doubt be fantastic news for him...

Alvadr2917d ago

Sweet score, im just playing through Fable 2 right now.. Im glad its beter than that!

beavis4play2917d ago

add fable3 to the list. you get to play as king and the choices you make affect the world even after you beat the game? that sounds AWESOME!

Motorola2917d ago

sounds like the shivering isles for oblivion but yeah this game does sound good for what it is.

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