SingStar Preview

If videogames are considered nerd stuff and karaoke even more, we don't want to know people'll say about SingStar, a series that mixes the two elements together to provide gaming bliss to wannabe singers. The new SingStar for PS3 (the name is a tentative title) carries the franchise over to the PlayStation 3, trying to take advantage of the machine's new hardware features and of the online PSN service.

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MK_Red4068d ago

I've never been a big fan of these SingStar games but maybe if this one could change my mind but then I'm (Hopefully) getting Rock Band...

The Swordsman4068d ago

Sounds nice. I have fond memories of playing past SingStar games with friends and relatives. Hopefully this game's purchase will lead to more happy memories.

heroman7114068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

im not getting this game cuz my friend made me play this when i went over to play resistance with him. after that i decided i would nvr get this for ps2, ps3 or any other ps consoles cuz i suck at singing

junk564068d ago

lol heroman did he force you to sing some britney spears song? i love this game, you get to embarass everybody with it :D