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IGN: "Fable III feels like the game that Fable II should have been. It has a lot in common with its predecessor, though now it exists in a much more streamlined, accessible, and enjoyable format. But simply calling it a more refined version of its predecessor would be a disservice, because Fable III offers several innovative improvements, some excellent and emotional moments, and whole lot of fun...even if it is a bit buggy and rather disjointed."


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come_at_me_bro2916d ago

What is with IGN and 8.5's lately? Is it the new 9.5?

Zachmo1822916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Cause they fixed the review scores you remember? Thats why you see more and more of said scores. Cause they don't have 8.6, 8.8, 8.9 etc anymore.

blitz06232916d ago

This will probably be close the average score for this game, just like the prequels

Cevapi882916d ago

anybody want to explain to me when 8s or even 7s made games sh!t?

i really dont understand why every game has to get a 9 or above in order to be regarded as a great or even good sad that people look more to scores rather than what they find to be fun for themselves

Fishy Fingers2916d ago

It's more important when it comes to exclusives, because, well, people try and use it as some form of bragging right, or a way to down play the console.

Multiplats such as Castlevania or Vanquish dont seem to suffer so much, 8's tend to be fine in those cases and usually the reviewer gets insulted. Take an exclusive, 7/8, FLOP!! FAILZ!!

come_at_me_bro2916d ago


Who's saying that 8s and 7s are bad scores?

Pandemic2916d ago

Pretty good score. Not the best, but still good.

Bobbykotickrulesz2916d ago

Better than the 5.5 Destructoid gave it.

despair2916d ago

that doesn't count as a review just a moron trying to attract attention.

Raider692916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Another Fable for casual gamers and kids alike!So the combat system is solid but still the game haves no challenge since even a my 9 year old son can finnish it without die once!Just like the other Fable games theres no challenge and gets boredom after the first 5 to 7 hours!" even novice players will likely finish without ever getting knocked out"! After seeing the lastest previews and one review (9.2/10)I guess i will have to wait for Two worlds 2 for some real rpg challenge!

sweettooth2916d ago

i don't know why ppl love this crap

HeavenlySnipes2916d ago

watching the vid after they started talking about marriage. WTH does that do to affect the gameplay? Will your wife online get kidnapped from the antagonist? Will they be murdered by passing bandtis? No, They just add this crap for no reason at all. This is why after FAble 2 I will never buy a Fable game. Instead of focusing on gameplay, combat, story, magic, they focus on being able to customize your wardrobe, place desks and rugs whereever you want and marrying other players.

This game deserves a 5-6 from what I've seen. Feel free to convince me why I'm wrong (I only liked Fable: The Lost Chapters because they actually focused on combat story and the magic abilities)

Sony3602915d ago

No need to convince you that you're wrong. It's an opinion that I can just not care about.

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