GT5 Prologue Press Release - Not Free after all

Henning of is claiming he just got a press release from SCEE, and they mention both a downloadable and a BD (Blu-ray Disc) version of GT5 Prologue. It seems that they won't give the PSN version away for free and charge for the BD version…

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Naruto4780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

Is GT Prologue a Different Game from GT5?

Marceles4780d ago

GT5 prologue is more like a spinoff/demo of a teaser build before the actual game comes out

WilliamRLBaker4780d ago

basically they are charging you money for an OFFICIAL demo.

jromao4780d ago

Dont see nothing that means they will charge for GT5 Prologue.

And GT5 Prologue isn't demo at all, it's one complete game, extracted from GT5.

WilliamRLBaker4780d ago

ummm which is what a demo is...its usually a portion of an all ready complete game, given out or shown for free to get people to purchase the full version.
a playable section of a game.
A disc that isn't intended for commercial sale but reserved for professional use, especially in radios (DJ)
This is a trial recording of a song or album. Such recordings are done as promotional recording to obtain work or a Music contract.

need i say more? sony is basically releaseing an pay for demo.

Lumbo4780d ago

Over all i agree that it is in a way a demo for GT5, BUT the amount of stuff in GT5-P (as far as we know that stuff) is much more full-game like than e.g. the famous GT4-P version that sold for FULL PRICE.
I am not fully into the story but i think it was something like 40 cars, 10 tracks and online racing + leaderboard etc

That sounds way more like a full game than a demo. Looking at the recent demos of NGS , GRAW2 and HS it does contain WAY more than these 3 demos combined. Still not enough to make me pay full price.

QuackPot4780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

Jeez, some people can't read.

A Prologue is used in books as an introduction to the main story. You don't get it for free.

A demo is normally free.

So GT Prologue is an introduction to the main story or game - GT5 - and will prepare the ground for what is to come.

Free or not. Who gives a damn? Only trollers it seems.

I just want to get my hands on GT5.

GT Prologue is doing its job very well indeed. Bring on 2008.

WilliamRLBaker4780d ago

AM I SAYING ITS BAD? no, Im not saying this game sux, I'm not saying its bad...ect I'm simply giving facts, This is on its basic level an demo that sony wants you to pay for.

an introduction to a play
An introductory piece that presents the background for an opera.
an introductory passage or speech before the main action of a novel, play, or long poem.

As you can see all most every instance the prologue is before the game, its part of the whole, This isn't this is a completely seperate thing, they took levels, cars...ect and put them on a disc and let you play them, its not the full game its a small version of the game, This is a demo.

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Violater4780d ago

Sony never said it was going to be free.

Syko4780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

SCEI said:

"Yes, it will be free for download on the PSN, and we are thinking of charging---but doubt it. For now it is free."

Marceles4780d ago

"Today, we sat in on a presentation hosted by Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi as he demonstrated some of the new features that will be present in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The game is due for release on the PlayStation Network as a free download later this year."

heroman7114780d ago

@ guy above me

i look at ur link and cant help but feel ps3blog is lying or misunderstanding somethin

InMyOpinion4780d ago

That's why blogs/forums should not be treated as news...

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Fisher3394780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

honestly i didnt think that it was gonna be free.....
Ill get it via psn if it isnt that big of a download.

I got the psn version of warhawk and i love it. Never have to worry about putting in a disc.

Ya Im lazy but after school and work, I have every rite to be...

segasage4780d ago

Fisher339 - 26 Aug 2007 00:42
2.2 - "The best things in life are free"
I guess the old saying is true after all lol.

wasn't that you...

if you look at that article we see lots of stupid comments, but it's the norm on here with fake ps3 hyped rumors and stories..

Fisher3394780d ago

so what lol, just becuase i said that doesnt mean that I actually thought it was gonna be free..

vickers5004780d ago

Somebodys been trolling.

aiphanes4780d ago

The real GT5 will be $60 sometime in 2008...

There is no reason to even make GT5 prologue on a bluray....just make it downloadable....

I am betting no more than $20 for this game...and its not a demo since it has at least 3 tracks, 40 cars, and supports 16 player online racing at 1080p 60 fps...something that no other racing game can do.