The Escapist Review: Fable 3

The Escapist: "The Fable games have been enjoyable, if shallow experiences, offering colorful romps throughout the land of Albion as you performed appropriately heroic feats on your path to glory. Though they had plenty to offer - stylish visuals, excellent voice acting, and a fantastic sense of humor - their frothy plots made them difficult to take all that seriously. Sure, you were ostensibly saving the world from A Big and Gloomy Bad Thing, but you were probably too concerned with bedding your husband, training your dog, or working off all those fattening pies to give it much thought. Fable 3 keeps the franchise's slick aesthetic but adds a surprisingly dark and mature story to give it substance. Fable has always supposedly been about choice, but in Fable 3, you'll actually feel the weight of those choices in an unexpected and very personal way. It's almost a masterpiece. Almost."

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