Six Games that Failed to Deliver

PSUni writes "A lot of gamers like to hold on to the image of being cold, salty bastards that never let their guards down, but let's face it: we've all gotten our hopes up just a little too high for a game. The Hype Train is a tough thing to stop when it's at full steam, and it's not difficult to get swept up once in a while. When that train crashes just short of your expectations for one reason or another, it can be pretty disappointing.

There's an unfortunate amount of games that fall squarely into this category, but without that misfortune there would be little to write about. With that said, let's dig into some mediocrity."

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WLPowell2968d ago

*reads article*

This won't end well...

Spydiggity2968d ago

i think it'll be alright. no high end ps3 exclusives got slammed.

i semi disagree with ODST. it definitely wasn't worth 60 dollars, but we got almost exactly what they said we would. Pretty sure bungie wanted this game to be sold like an expansion and MS got in the way of that.

at any rate, this list could have been MUCH LONGER. just some blogger desperate to keep his job so he had to shovel out some junk article.

DavePSU2968d ago

We tend to keep everything "list" wise on PlayStation University to 6-8 items (90% of the time). It leaves room for more reader input and discussion that way.

Instead of complaining it could have been longer, it would probably serve everyone better if you threw out a couple of more games you feel failed to deliver and explain why -- that's how discussion is born.


Spydiggity2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

lol...yeah, imma mention any other games i think deserve to be on there and run the risk of being nailed by the trolls (i'm already taking a risk just by saying ODST wasn't so bad).

the point i was making, and am still making, is that you have a list of 6 titles that are disappointing. when there are probably a few hundred that could make it on the list, you just stuck to 6... how did you arrive at these 6? i mean look at all the games that have been terrible. Avatar the game comes to mind. one of the worst games i've played this generation...based on a movie that has the most amazing special effects ever and cost a bazillion dollars to make, you'd think they would have at least made an average game. what about splinter cell double agent? not a very great next-gen debut. how about bioshock 2?

i could go on and on, but i think you might finally get the point now. with all the crappy games out there, why these 6 in particular? and don't say because of expectations. haze was never looking to much more than an avg shooter at best, lair had potential but it was DoA, some random basketball game tossed in there?

it all just seems so arbitrary.

DavePSU2968d ago

I actually mentioned BioShock 2 to Joe (guy who wrote the piece). He told me he enjoyed BioShock 2, and since it was his opinion piece, I wasn't going to force him to include it.

And of course there are 100s of games to choose from, but could you imagine making a list of 100 games that people would actually care to read about? I can't.

Avatar: The Game is a movie-to-game adaptation, it was set up to fail from the get-go, IMO. Also -- Haze did have high expectations going fact, people often referred to it as Sony's "Halo" until it got delayed that final time prior to release.

However, Joe is the one who came to rest on these six titles, not myself. Maybe these are the six he had expectations for the most and they disappointed him? That's the great thing about an opinion, it's all subjective when it comes to video games.

stragomccloud2967d ago

Well, before Lair reviews came out, that was considered one of the must own launch titles, if I remember correctly.

Tommykrem2967d ago

I agree with spydiggity, this list is really a pretty lazy work.
Anybody can make a list with six titles, they consider not to have delivered the goods, or that critics in general didn't consider to deliver on promise. And you can even get your point through faster. Here's 5 I thought of in 5 seconds:

Assassin's Creed (Good, but I expected something more down the lines of AC2)
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (just bad)
Tony Hawk's Ride (expectations weren't high, but it didn't deliver)
Mercenaries 2 (everything that could go wrong did, still playable though. Great concept)
Alone in the Dark (plesae don't even argue on this one, even the PS3 version was heavily flawed)

Anyway, that wasn't very interesting. And while posting a list might get a discussion running (or generate hits if you post in on N4G), that's what you (should) have a forum for. So this is esssentially a forum post, and forum posts doesn't belong on N4G. Sorry to PSUni, you're great people, but I'm so tired of all these random lists. "Six great games", "Four games that aren't as bad as they seem" "eight games with lame boxart" At least go for "lamest boxart" or "worst games ever" and really dig deeply after five or more carefully selected games.

But yeah, I agree with most of the titles. Except Brutal Legend. And HAZE, ODST and after a lot of patching also Lair are playable in my eyes.

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FragGen2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

He nailed it on Brutal Legend.

That game should have been an amazing Hack and Slash action adventure game instead of a poorly done RTS. Heck, like he implied, it's a better short film/cartoon/movie than it is a video game.

The fact that everything around the game was *awesome* production wise but it was a tedious/tiresome *game* is the essence of the frustration for people who really wanted to love that title. If it had simply sucked in every way it would have been easy to write it off but it was just good enough that you could see the potential without realizing any of it.

I think the author conveyed that really well in the piece.

Jpinter2968d ago

I'd have to agree with most of that list. I wasn't impressed with Lair, Haze, or Halo ODST.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Pretty agree with most of the games.

I didn't play Brutal Gamer, so can't say how it is.

Relientk772968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

That is a good list all 6 of them did fail to deliver

I wanted to try Too Human never got too

and Haze is just idk boring like as I played it I kept thinking like this is an ok shooter but I could be playing Timesplitters, Uncharted, Call of Duty... like so many other shooters that are clearly better and more fun

big_silky2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

i thought odst was fun... i only paid $13 for it though so maybe that colors my opinion a bit but i thought the campaign was enjoyable. i'd have liked to see all the various gameplay types in one full campaign instead of "the rookie" parts however.

haze wasn't bad either, in all fairness it felt like a halo title to me. my only complaint was the truly truly terrible personalities of your squad mates.

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