G4: Fable III Review

Fable III is an enormously rich experience in which no moment is lacking; however, the collective experience, how it connects to the narrative spine, is less than the sum of its parts.

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CrzyFooL2918d ago

Fable = RPG for teens!! Bring on teh disagrees!!

kaveti66162918d ago

what does that even mean?

CrzyFooL2918d ago

It's an action / RPG with extremely light role playing elements being passed off as a role playing game.

kaveti66162918d ago

And yet, if a game is fun, I don't really care under what category it falls into.

I remember the small debates about whether Mass Effect 2 was really an RPG. Some people seemed to be trying to downplay the game by saying it wasn't as much an RPG as it was a shooter.

I didn't understand the point. A great game is a great game.

Perjoss2917d ago

"It's an action / RPG with extremely light role playing elements being passed off as a role playing game."

the same can be said for Mass Effect 2 but its still a brilliant game...

WLPowell2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

is an RPG for people who don't play RPGs. Even teens that play RPGs know it's weaksauce.

Perkel2918d ago

nope, i am adult and i like it or i liked other two fable :)

soundslike2918d ago

i play mario but i still know its for kids

meganick2918d ago

I disagree and I challenge you to a duel, not for your comment, but for misspelling the word "the." Have at you!

soundslike2918d ago

I was just thinking this...Once again I find myself in agreement with you CrzyFool

The_Nameless_One2918d ago

I always referred to the Fable series as RPG-Lite.

actual_gamer2917d ago

It's an RPG everyone can enjoy, like saying Mario is a game only kids can play, i swear this is the snobbiest generation of gamers ever, remember how the core element of a game is it should be FUN!

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crazyturkey2918d ago

It will win Game of the year again on the G4 awards.

orange-skittle2918d ago

Lets hear you repeat that when the sales go through the roof again

gaden_malak2918d ago

Not sure how that is relevant?

Anyway, I will get this one once I finish Fable 2. Love the series, despite its shortcomings.

The_Nameless_One2918d ago

Looks like lionhead has botched the ending...again. I guess between all the MAJOR changes and the Earth shattering news Lionhead forgot to actually improve the ending. So sad.

The_Nameless_One2917d ago

Disagree all you want but it seems all the critics are singing the same song. They are not calling this game bad but saying the ending is just weak. Fable 2 had a weak ending so the logical conclusion is that they just didn't improve on that aspect henceforth they didn't listen to the critics and gamers and made the same mistake and that's what I meant when I said it was sad.

dosgrtr2917d ago

will the pc version be released this year or next?

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