Co-Optimus: Fable 3 Review

Co-Optimus writes - "The Fable franchise has followed an interesting path since it’s birth on the Xbox some years ago. What started out as solo quest of a boy turned hero took a different turn in Fable 2 to a game with more difficult decisions between good and evil. Fable 2 also introduced a limited form of co-op which for most, simply didn’t fit the bill. Now Fable 3 is here and it not only expands on the concept of what is right and wrong, mostly blurring the lines, but it also expands on the co-op giving people exactly what they want."

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poopnscoop3066d ago ShowReplies(2)
Neko_Mega3066d ago

Troll out.

Anyways don't really see this game being GOTY, but hope it is alot better then the 2nd one.

Fable 2 felt to weak to me, to easy to finish and the spells got all mess up from the first game.

bapenguin3066d ago

It's definitely a lot better than 2. It has a more epic and polished feel to it.