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Led by the infamously boastful Peter Molyneux, Fable and Fable II are notorious for being fun games marred by flaws, bugs, and grandiose but ultimately broken promises of revolutionary design and unparalleled innovation. Molyneux kept much quieter while developing Fable III and generally didn’t promise any features until they were already programmed and functioning well enough to show in public. Fortunately, his more muted attitude has not yielded a worse game, but perhaps the crowning achievement of his career. Fable III still won’t change the way RPGs are played, but it may change the way you view Fable as a franchise.

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bmw694061d ago

Great score, epic game!!

BeAGamer4061d ago

definitely picking up my copy tomorrow

4061d ago
Duke_Silver4061d ago

This sounds awesome, I wish i had a 360 :(

naznatips4061d ago

One of my favorite games of the year. Enjoy reading the review guys. :)

Braineater24484061d ago

Good score. I'll be picking this up.

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The story is too old to be commented.