Videogamer: Fable 3 Review

Videogamer: "Peter Molyneux, you cruel bastard. I've scarcely been back in Albion two minutes, and already you're forcing me into making a decision that is turning me inside out with guilt. The tyrannous King Logan, my brother, has put me in an excruciating situation. With my head and heart squabbling like an old married couple, I eventually surrender my decision to logic, my emotions taking a back seat. I justify my reasoning as noble and righteous; the actions of a truly selfless hero. This is the right choice, I keep telling myself."

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Cyrus3652967d ago

Figured this was the score Fable 3 was going to get.

StanLee2966d ago

Yeah, I expected an 8, 8.5 game. Fable is always an ambitious title but with that ambition, you always find design decisions that don't go over well with some. I think opinions on Fable are always split down the middle. Either you love the franchise or you bemoan its simplicity.

divideby02966d ago

this is like the 3rd review that states, the gamer didnt die ONCE the entire game...

How long is the game ?

dkgshiz2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

This is the score it deserves, nothing more,nothing less. Fable as a whole has always seemed like a solid 8 for me. Well probably a 7.5. Its not bad but, I have many other games I would rather play.