GameFly Halloween Sale

E4G: So apparently for the happy gaming spirit that everyone gets around Halloween time, Gamefly has decided to offer the gaming community a massive sale on all of their pre-owned games. Some of the prices for the games have been cut by as much as 50% of what they would normally cost. They're also offering free shipping on any purchase you make. Now, we're not sure exactly how long this will last, but if you've been saving up to buy older games, now's the time to do it, and to do it quickly.

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Hitman07692917d ago

seriously awesome, right around the time when I might be able to finally become a member too :) AWESOME!

curtis3942917d ago

Cooool, Time to buy me some Games xD

Neo Nugget2917d ago

Gamefly dollars +10% off FTW!

2917d ago
ImmortalLegend2917d ago

I know this may be a little off subject, but Gamefly seems to only be useful if you want old games. The chances of getting a newer game are slim to none. I've had Gamefly for 3 months off and on (2 months straight and decided to give it another chance this month) and I've been very disappointed to say the least. I've only managed to get one game I wanted and that's Alan Wake which has been out since May and that was the last game I had on my queue. I had NBA 2K11, MOH, Vanquish, and even MW2 ahead of it. Not worth it imo.

Hwangw2917d ago

You need to put only games you want in it then or put alotta new releases at the top, they're sendin me The Force Unleashed 2 which came out Monday

ImmortalLegend2917d ago

Trust me I had all of my new releases on the top. That's common sense lol

akiraburn2917d ago

I have actually had a very similar experience as you did Immortal. It's why I currently use Blockbuster's Gamepass instead. The biggest issue I have had with Gamefly is the sheer amount of time in getting just about any game. Each times I've tried it, it could take up to two weeks for me to get a new game (2-3 days shipping time, a day processing, up to a week to get another game ready, and then another 2-3 days shipping). I currently live in Illinois, and I've subscribed twice for multiple months each time to Gamefly, and ended up with the same results.

This can mainly be a problem when it comes to short games you can finish in two to three days, or a game you aren't sure about and it turns out to be really bad, since you would then have to wait all that time just to get a new game on your list. Granted you have two games out simultaneously, with their standard plan, I had found that more often than not, I ended up with no games out for over a week at a time. I know how to "manipulate" their system, by only putting the one or two titles on your queue that you really want, and to pre-plan for new releases, but overall that didn't help me a lot.

With Blockbuster, I've had a lot of ease, because if I get a cruddy game, I can return it the same day with no hassle, and the moment that I finish a game I can go and change it out for a new one. The only downside is that Blockbuster doesn't have quite as vast a selection as Gamefly. A lot of niche games they don't end up getting copies of.

Now as for Gamefly's used games store, that is awesome! Hands down their store is one of my top two places to go for really good gaming deals (the other is GoHastings). I even just ordered Katamari Forever for $20, and Alpha Protocol for $13 (free shipping on AP). And the best part about them is the fact that they guarantee the original box and manual with your purchase. That's quality right there.

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